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Structure Component

Top Platform

Ground Platform

Central Platform Support

Rudder Pedals Support

Display & Cockpit Support



3 LCDs Surround Support


Mechanical Component

Actuator Assembly

Universal Joint

Top Platform Attachment

Weight-Balance Support

Yaw Stabiliser Linkage


Actuator component

DC Motor with Gearbox

Gear Lift Assembly

Angle Position Sensor

Position Limit Switches

Current Sensor

Chain Tensioner


Electronic Component

4 DOF Motion Controller

·          Motor Drivers

·          Micro Controller

·          USB Interface

Cockpit Switch Panel DAQ

Current Sensors

Platform Control Panel

AC/DC 1500 W, Power Supply

Deep Cycle Batteries (Optional)

Battery Charger (Optional)




3 DOF Motion Platform Project




This 3DOF motion platform is using a mobile top weight-balanced system.  A telescopic support is located at gravity center with surrounded compression spring that holds most of platform and passenger weight.  Heave movement is obtained from telescopic support and compression spring length variation. The result provides a total of 13 in. [33 cm] of heave.

Universal joint made with hard wood is installed between central support and top platform allowing platform to pivot in any angle direction within ± 42 degrees.

A recycled PC case is used to house the Axon microcontroller that runs my universal motion control program. Axon receives data from my Main C# program via USB and control six motors position through packetized serial port to motor drivers Syren25 bus (even if only 4 installed and 3 used).  See the inside platform controller.

(Click on picture for details)



Axon microcontroller runs PID, measures motor currents, reads position angles, position limit switches and platform control panel switches as well.  The software closed loop process time can reach 1 ms when only 3 motors are computed.

Maximum heave of ± 6.5 in. [±16.5 cm] (limited by gear diameter) can be reduced to provide maximum tilt angle of 42°. Pitch and Roll maximum angle can be adjusted independently to meet pilot sensation preference.  Flight accelerations cues are improved from the motion platform with the use of Washout filters algorithms explained on page 7.

Next coming step will be to install a decent seat.  For now, a plastic outdoor chair with cut legs will be used. This kind of chair is comfortable, cheap and the most important thing is its very light weight.

A foot rest & rudder pedals, display support, yoke & throttle and the platform control panel are installed on a vertical mounting support made with hard wood.  Those accessories can be seen in my video library. (Page 5 of this web site)

The final step was to build a generic cockpit as illustrated on page 6 and add a surround viewing field of view as depicted on page 8.


Motion Platform Control Panel (Click here to see the more recent panel)


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Platform Boarding

Position (On/Off Toggle Switch)

Platform Center Up/Down Adjustment (Toggle Switch, Center Pos.)






Platform Auto Center & Start Simulation

(Pull Switch)






Emergency Stop

Red Push button





































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