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Universal Motion Platform Software in one Window

HMI Description

FSX SimConnect Connectivity

FSX Game Data Acquisition

FSX Flight Data Display

FSX Sampling Rate Selection

PID Control Tuning

Platform Console Panel

Platform Motion State

Platform Motion Manual Control

Real Time Motors Position

Platform Freedom Setting (DOF)

File Save & Load of All Settings

Degree Of Freedom Selection

Current Cockpit Command

Cockpit Command Connectivity

Washout Filters Plotting

The FSX Motion Platform Control software is a C# program running on my Host PC simultaneously with Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX). The software is used to interface with FSX SimConnect to get all required aircraft real time parameters that have an influence on flight sensation in order to reproduce them on the motion platform. From these gathered data, the software calculates motor positions and/or accelerations and transmits computed data to the motion platform via USB port.

The computed data corresponds to a real time aircraft position referred by four position actuators that control Pitch, Roll, Heave and Sway. Surge is part of the Pitch during ground acceleration and braking. For 3 DOF platforms, Sway component is part of the Roll. The data sampling rate from SimConnect can be change to meet PC performance. Motion platform can be tuned with PID and DOF settings in Manual Motion Control shown below as well as in real simulation. All settings can be saved and restored to any file name with the following syntax. Any type of motion platform can be controlled such as 2, 3, 4 or 6 DOF.

A real cockpit commands are received from Arduino Mega controller via USB and used to set virtual aircraft commands in FSX.

Software Requirement

MS-FSX Deluxe

MS-FSX Accelerator

MS-FSX SimConnect

FSX 4 DOF Motion Control

USB to Serial Port Bridge

Remote Platform Controller


Remote Cockpit Controller


Motion Platform Controller

Firmware Description

4 up to 6 DOF Platform Control


Host PC USB Communication Port


PID Control (Up to 6)


Motor Drive Control (Up to 6)

Syren 25 Serial Communication

Current Reading (Up to 6)

Actuators Position Reading (Up to 6)

Tilt Limit Monitoring

LED & USB Data Reporting

Platform Control Panel Management

Platform Auto Center Function

Platform Boarding Function

This DOS Console displays data sent from the platform microcontroller. This data corresponds to the current sensors & potentiometers readings and operating parameters.

The potentiometers values have a range from 0 to 1023 that matches to the 180 degrees of the actuator gear which gives an accuracy of about 0.18 degree. The current sensors are displayed as a bar graph up to 45 Amperes where each characters correspond to 1 A.

0 - - - - +- - - -1- - - - +- - - -2- - - - +- - - -3- - - - +- - - -4- - - - +

Motor no 1 is shown with 6 A

Motor no 2 is shown with 5 A

Motor no 3 is shown with 12 A

The console also provides the motion platform states and PID coefficients used. It is very useful during initial platform setup and testing.


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