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Motion Platform Main Power Components

Platform Controller

PC Case

ATX Power Supply

Axon Microcontroller (1X)

Syren 25 Driver (4X)


This switching power supply uses PFC and new ZVS technology to provide an efficiency of 90%. It provides many internal functions. As an example, it can be stack in parallel for load sharing with other units (up to 4) to increase the needed output current. It is fully protected against O/V, O/L, O/T and short circuit.

Its output voltage can be trimmed between 70 to 100% of the rated output by using an external resistor.

Power ON/OFF can be remote control from a switch or a 5 Volts source.

It provides an Alarm signal output (Power OK)



1500 W PSU AC/DC 27 VDC @ 56 A

(Mean Well)



This efficient small DC motor driver called Syren25 can drive motor up to 25 Amperes continuously (45A peak) at 24 Volts dc.

I have mounted 4 of them on an additional heat sink (Pentium 4 heat sink) that incorporates 1.75 inches ventilator. All four drivers are controlled via packetized serial bus with a simple pair of wire at a rate of 38400 baud.

The motor drive regenerates energy into the batteries during motor braking helping batteries to last longer. It can go from full forward immediately to full reverse or vice versa. Its 32 KHz PWM output is not audible.



Syren 25

(Dimension Engineering)









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This Motor can be made for 12, 24 and 36 Volts. I have selected this motor because it includes:

1.     Solid mounting bracket

2.     Gearbox with 60:9 ratio speed reduction

3.     10 tooth sprocket for #41 chains

4.     Permanent magnet Technology

5.     Operate at 24 Volts DC with PWM drive Provides the exact maximum required torque for my actuator.



(Unite Motor)