Judge Anderson vinyl model kit

Status: Completed.

This kit is a recast which comes with many problems:
- The upper left leg was 1/4 inch too long!
- The head didn't fit on the body
- The body didn't fit on the hip
- Buttocks was completely deformed and left and right thighs was deformed too

So, using putty, I sculpt new thighs and buttocks, cut the longer leg, rebuilt the left knees. Also, I rebuilt the neck in order to fit with head. I filled the kit with thin newspaper slice, paper glue and putty. Once done, I sanded all new parts and painted the kit. I very happy about the result.

- Airbrush: Blue jacket and skin
- Hand painting: skin, hair, gold part and "rubber" protectors.

- Light, medium and dark flesh, maron chocolate: Acrylic Delta Ceramcoat
- Blue, black: Createx airbrush color
- Dwarf Flesh, Enchanted Blue, Hawk Turquoise, Burnished Gold: Citadel Color
- White: Vallejo Color

Height: 27cm

Rarity: In production.
Where I bought this kit: eBay
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