In search of a new sound, Jon Rash, Andrew Hedlin, and Jon Peters formed The Reception in late 2003. Influenced by the likes of Mae, Jimmy Eat World, and Further Seems Forever, and fueled by a desire for deeper spiritual meaning, The Reception began to form a powerful repertoire of melodically driven and emotionally charged songs. Seattle musician Nick Mullin joined the lineup near the beginning of 2005, complementing the cleverly engineered emo-driven sound.

Themes of loss, pain and longing coexist with sentiments of grace, love and faith throughout the lyrical landscape on their debut release "Does it Keep You Awake?" produced by well known Winnipeg Producer John Paul Peters (Comeback Kid, Every New Day). Breaking ranks with the typical cadences of modern rock music, The Reception's bombastic rhythms break open their melodies, as the distinctly textured soundscapes they've created elevate each song to an ecstatic fury, unparalleled by their contemporaries. Much lauded by fans and critics alike, The Reception has recieved a wealth of well-deserved praise. Of their debut, the Winnipeg Sun wrote "with their more deliberate pacing, rich keyboards, strong dynamics and decidedly spiritual lyrics, they take bold strides in an impressive direction of their own."

Live, these four young men leave behind audacity and posturing in favor of an earnest and unassuming performance. Confident and energetic, The Reception has brought inspired performances throughout western Canada. Their tenacity combined with obvious talent have garnered them a dedicated, ever-growing following.

Whether live or on CD, don't miss a chance to connect with The Reception, one of Winnipeg's most exciting up-and-coming bands.