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28.08.2001 Well, sorry it's been a little while but we're officially back to writting and recording our new stuff. We have 2 new tracks for the new cd (Bedpost & Fall Symptoms). The other sure titles are: Laces, Feeder and Mattress. Check back often for updates. We'll be letting you know what's going on now that we're getting ready for the new cd.
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23.07.2001 Please check out Jeep's first demo recorded track from his new side project, Lung Cancer right here... and Let him know what you think about this track by emailing him at Hope you like it!
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03.06.2001 Jeep has a new track out with the Band Lefkin Encoded called Rabid (Whitenoiseasmyenemy) check it out and the rest of their cool stuff at More cool tracks coming from us soon!

22.05.2001 Hey! We have some bad news... The recording is going to have to wait until September because John is moving. Even though it sucks, it will give us time to work on our side projects. Jeep has his stuff going on, we have no idea what it's called yet or anything, all we know is that he'll be signing and playing guitar and he'll record the whole thing at his place so you can expect his stuf to surface pretty soon. He'll also be working with Lefkin on a couple of tracks and a couple of other people here and there. Duke will be heading to the studio with his side project Coexistance, a europeen melodic deathmetal band. As soon as we have more info, we'll post it on here.
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19.04.2001 Just letting you know that the Endensa show on the 26th has been cancelled. We strongly suggest you check out Lefkin Encoded.
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17.04.2001 We now have a GuestBook in the media section... Feel free to sign it. Your opinions and suggestions are really important to us.

10.04.2001 You may notice that our website is often changing, please refresh the site every time you visit.

06.04.2001 Jeep will be performing 3 songs with Endensa on April 26th at Molly McGuire's, Ottawa (in the Market)... 8pm would be a good time to get there. Hope to see you there, it's gonna be a great show. Any questions about the show should be asked to:
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01.04.2001 And now some news about the cd... We just finished the last song for it so, we'll start recording really soon. I know we're slow but I can garanty you will love it. We'll try to put hidden samples on here soon so check in often and get on the mailing list so we can notify you of any updates.
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09.03.2001 Samples of the new cd, lyrics ans some other cool stuff is gonna be here shortly so bookmark this page and check it often for updates.
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