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Lomond River Lodge (Lomond River, Gros Morne national park, Western Newfoundland)

Located on the south side branch of Bonne Bay.
Following this road to the end brings you directly to Trout River.

The Lomond River Lodge is veritable lodging complex. Located on the banks of the Lomond River, it offers something for everyone. There are fully serviced RV sites, camping sites (both grassed and shaded), well-appointed cabins, and a couple of comfortable motel units.

And yet, amid all this diversity, each section has enough physical separations from the others so that none impinges and each group has its own sense of community.

The licensed lodge (main building) serves as a sort of town hall, where guests can relax after a day of touring by playing pool, darts, or drinking a cold one. It also offers live entertainment on the week-end.

There is an on-site convenience store to provide the odd missing item you might need. In addition, it offers a fast food take-out menu (hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs etc).

Centrally located on the premisses (equally distant for all groups) is a very convenient laundry facility.

Everything is clean and everything works well.

note: The cabins are well appointed and very comfortable.

Establishing my base camp here for two days allowed me to conveniently explore the Lomond River - Trout River area as well as the north side of Bonne Bay, including Rocky Harbour and Norris Point.

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