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Bruno Valeri

Category: lodging

The Battery Hotel (St Johns, Newfoundland)

The Battery Hotel is located on Signal Hill overlooking the St. Johns harbor.
This location was originally used for fortifications in times of war from the 18th
century to the second world war. Perched high on the hill, a battery could defend
against ships entering the harbor.


  • full service hotel

  • striking harbor view

General impressions:

The Battery Hotel offers good lodging at reasonable prices.

Hot tips:

- Ask for a room with harbor view. It's really quite striking.

- Claim a table by the panoramic window at the bar. The harbor lights and city
_-view are well worth it. The nachos are memorable.

In fact, even if you don't stay at the Battery Hotel, stopping by for a beverage
at the bar is well worth it.

Signal Hill also served as the historical reception point for the first transatlantic
wireless signal sent by Marconi in 1901. Today, the location has National Park
status. Just minutes from the Battery Hotel, it is worthwhile to stop and listen to
the park guides explain the history and the significance.

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