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Bruno Valeri

Category: lodging

Marble Inn Resort (Steady Brook, Newfoundland)

The Marble Inn Resort offers 4 star accomodations. It is located right off the main highway that goes to Gros Morne National Park on the way to St Anthony's and is facing Marble Mountain.


  • fitness center, including hot tub, sauna, and therapeutic pool

  • adventure outfitting

  • causal dining

  • guest pub

General impressions:

The Marble Inn Resort is big and airy, lending itself well to the types of activities available. With Marble Mountain across the road and the Humber River out back, it provides access to many activities, including skiing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking etc.

The Marble Inn operates year round and combines lodging, cabins, and equipment outfitting. Rooms are spacious and confortable.

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