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Bruno Valeri

Category: lodging

Maynard's Torrent River Inn (Hawke's Bay, Newfoundland)

Maynard's Torrent River Inn is conveniently located right on the main Viking Trail road and mid-way between Gros Morne National Park and St Anthony’s. It allows a natural stop-over when traveling up the northern peninsula or when returning from either the northern tip of the peninsula or Labrador.

Access couldn’t be easier. You just pull off the Viking Trail road and onto the parking lot. The Torrent River Inn offers the following services on the premises:

  • Pizza Delight restaurant

  • A full dining restaurant (The LOG ROOM) offering local seafood menu

  • Onsite bar offering local entertainment

  • 24/7 front desk service

  • Well stocked video and reading library providing information on local culture and history. Complimentary VCR available for in room viewing.

  • Rooms are accessible from the parking lot as well as from an inside hallway.

  • Laundry facilities

  • Access to Hogan's Trail boardwalk

General impressions:

I found the Torrent River Inn to be convenient when motorcycle touring. Just pull off the main road and into the Inn’s ample parking lot. Unload your stuff, take a shower, and you’re ready to unwind. Rooms are spacious and comfortable.

Before dinner, I took a relaxing walk along the 3km long boardwalk that cuts through The Torrent River Nature Park (forest) and flanks the Torrent River. A nice way to unwind and get some needed exercise after a full day spent riding. I struck up interesting conversations with some of the older fishermen there.

Meals (light or finer dining) and entertainment are available on the premises. You can get some laundry done, watch a video or two on local history and culture, and then drop by the bar and enjoy local entertainment. You get the idea.

There is a computer available in the lobby offering internet access so you can check e-mail etc.

note: The Torrent River Inn is nestled amid prime trout and salmon fishing areas. Anyone who enjoys fly fishing will be well served. Access to the Torrent River is a few steps away.

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