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Bruno Valeri

Category: lodging

Viking Village Bed and Breakfast (Hay Cove, Newfoundland)

Though referred to as a Bed and Breakfast, the Viking Village located at Hay Cove offers a lodging experience that is really more like that found in a small Inn or Lodge than the traditional Bed and Breakfast. The exterior log house construction further typifies this.

The Viking Village Bed and Breakfast features:

  • well appointed and spacious rooms, befitting its Canada Select 4 star rating

  • a large common-room area offering large screen TV

  • full hot breakfast

  • dinners featuring local traditional cuisine on request

  • laundry facility

General impressions:

The Viking Village charges $44 for a room including a full hot breakfast. Given its 4 star rating, this represents excellent value. The common-room is a good place to meet and chat with other fellow travellers while your laundry gets done.

On the night I was there, we were served a moose-meat home cooked evening meal that was quite delicious.

The Viking Village is within a reasonable walking distance of L'Anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site and the UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as Norstead - A Viking Port of Trade.

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