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Bruno Valeri

Category: lodging

WoodN Bed and Breakfast (Kippens, Newfoundland)

The WoodN Bed and Breakfast is a recently built property with exterior log house construction. Located just minutes from Stephenville.


  • very comfortable rooms and spacious bathroom

  • sizeable common room

  • hall quality sound system

General impressions:

Being a recent construction, accomodations are relatively new. The WoodN Bed and Breakfast is really a bit of a misnomer as you do not share the dwelling with a live-in family.

My experience was much closer to that of a lodge or inn. The common room is a
very comfortable place to do some reading or further plan your trip and I took full
advantage. There is a quality sound system with a great selection of Newfoundland
music. I spent a good part of the evening listenting to this music while I reflected
on my trip. Nice.

Rates are very reasonable and include a full hot breakfast. Unfortunately, there is
no website available at the time of this writing.

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