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Product Review

Riderwearhouse: Triple Digit Rain Covers product review
Motorcycle waterproof gloves

Selection criteria

  • Effectiveness as a rain / waterproof overglove
  • Effectiveness as a cold wind barrier / cold weather glove

During my trip out west (Oct 2002) I had encountered cold temps as well as strong, sustained rain. I had tried several solutions (waterproofed leather gloves, nylon rain mitts, industrial rubber gloves) but my hands were cold and wet. As I headed west, temperatures ranged from mid thirties to low forties.

I planned to stop by Riderwearhouse to see if I could find a solution. From their catalogue and website, I knew that they carried a wide assortment of motorcycle waterproof gloves including Gore Tex gloves. But I was thinking more along the lines of the Triple Digit raincovers.

Over the years, I had heard good feedback about these overgloves and had decided that I'd eventually get a pair. Well this was as good a time as any.

When I finally got my hands on them, I initially hesitated on the $47us price tag. It seemed a little steep for what was basically an unlined shell. But I needed a solution and so sprang for them. As I mentioned in my ride report, I would not regret this.

So, how did they work out?

As motorcycle waterproof gloves, light rain has not been a problem, no matter how long the ride. But they did leak some in heavy prolonged rain. Closer inspection revealed that a small section of the inner seam-sealing tape had worked loose. It doesn't take much. If just a little drop filters in at a rate of one every minute, a four-hour rain ride will be enough to soak leather gloves.

I made a quick call to Riderwearhouse to explain the problem and ask for a recommended solution. They suggested that I send them back under warrantee. They made things right.

As most riders do, I accumulate a lot of gear. Whenever I get ready for a trip, the decision revolves around what to take and what to leave behind. Well, I realized just how important these Triple Digit raincovers had become to me while I awaited word back from Riderwearhouse.

I had an upcoming trip planned and was beginning to fret that they would not get back to me in time. That's when I realized that they had become part of my don't leave home without list. (ps: they got back to me in time)

I use them for much more than as just motorcycle waterproof gloves for rain. They're also very effective when riding in cold and damp conditions. This is when a leather glove will soak up dampness in the air. In addition, I've found the Triple Digit raincovers to be very effective as a cold wind barrier. They protect my hands from cold windblast, they eliminate evaporative cooling, and they provide an inner buffer of insulating air. When wearing the Triple Digit Rain Covers, summer-weight motorcycle gloves perform well as cold weather riding gloves. In fact, wearing the Triple Digits and my Hard Drive gloves, I can ride in near freezing temperatures in relative comfort.


  • Sizing: I prefer a loose fit for comfort and functionality.
  • Very effective wrist strap, allows a good seal at wrist.
  • Very convenient one-hand bungee at gauntlet. Just pull and it cinches up.
  • Very visible reflective inserts.

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