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Product Review

BMW Kalahari Boots / GS Boots product review
Motorcycle waterproof boots - Gore Tex boots

Several years ago, I decided to trade my standard leather motorcycle boots for something a little more robust. More support, more impact protection. I was also looking for motorcycle waterproof boots.

These BMW Kalahari boots (commonly referred to as BMW GS boots) fit the bill perfectly as versatile and all around motorcycle boots.


  • Relatively tall motorcycle boot, offering good lower leg coverage
  • Good impact protection at shin and ankles
  • Grippy Sole
  • Gore-Tex inner liner to provide for motorcycle waterproof boots
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quick-adjust ratchet-style side clips

In use:

  • I found the BMW Kalahari GS boots offer excellent versatility. In addition to sport touring, I've used these motorcycle waterproof boots for light off-road motorcycle riding, a few track days, as well as everyday wear.

  • I don’t remember any break-in period as such. Maybe the first couple of rides.

  • Materials are top grade throughout, with the Gore Tex boots having a look and feel of enduring quality.

  • The waterproof leather on the GS boot is thick and high quality. The inner boot liner is similarly of high quality.

  • The Gore Tex boots are comfortable to wear in hot or cold weather and can be used for walking short distances.

The Gore-Tex inner liner does have a benefit. Contrary to many to other liners that claim to be breathable, Gore-Tex actually breathes quite well. One benefit of Gore-Tex boots is that they allow quicker evaporation than standard boot linings. This enhanced evaporation provides a noticeable cooling effect when riding in hot temperatures.

The BMW Kalahari GS boots come with removable steel toe tips covering the sole. These might be useful in off-road riding but they compromise traction on city streets. I removed a couple of screws and off they went.

Entry and exit from the Kalahari boots is quick and easy, allowing a custom fit every time. There are 2 ratchet-style side clips that bracket either side of the ankle bone. The upper part of the boot consists of a wide Velcro wrap that allows you to tighten just what’s needed. This accommodates different calf sizes. This variable snugness also allows wearing your pants inside or outside of the boots. Additionally, the circumference of the calf perimeter is elasticized, ensuring a snug fit.

Note: there seems to be a love-hate relationship with the ratchet boot clips. There have been reports of riders experiencing failures. Mine have never been anything other than perfect. In fact, I find having them is a real plus. Allows me to slip on the motorcycle boots in a jiffy. Click them in, ratchet 2-3 cycles and I’m done. Never give them a second thought.

Re waterproof:

My BMW Kalahari GS boots have been mostly waterproof. The first time that I noticed a leak was during a ride through strong winds and heavy rain that endured for over 6 hours. Prior to that, my feet had always been completely dry, including my first tour in Newfoundland where it rained for 5 straight days.

But even an extended ride in Monsoon rain will only give me a damp sock on one side of the right foot. I’ve been suspecting some lose stitching around the ankle cup guard. It doesn’t take much. If the equivalent of 6 drops an hour infiltrate, that means 36 drops of water over 6 hrs. My observations are that they have leaked less than that. I will be experimenting with some Shoe Goo around the suspect seams.

Price: a little expensive, but. . .

When I purchased the BMW Kalahari boots several years ago, I felt that they offered good value for the price. More expensive, yes, but also offering more.

In this respect, it's similar to purchasing a Vanson leather jacket. You pay a little more, but also get more.

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