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Product Review

First Gear Rainman Jacket product review

Rain jackets: Do we need them?

Most good motorcycle riding gear today provides good to excellent rain protection. So why use a rain jacket?

Well, a good rain jacket does a few things.

  • I find it to be an important ingredient in cold weather riding. A good rain jacket acts as an external wind barrier. This becomes crucial when riding in colder weather for extended periods. In addition, once the fabric is wet down, the riding jacket will be subject to evaporative cooling, giving up noticeably more heat than a dry jacket. Having an external waterproof rain barrier prevents this.
  • Also, riding in heavy rain for extended periods, you are exposed to the constant spray and all the gunk contained in that spray (grit, oil, dirt etc). Wearing a rain jacket protects your riding jacket from all of that gunk. Your riding jacket will require fewer washing. Might last longer too.

In considering a replacement for my 1 piece unlined rainsuit, I was looking for a good quality lined waterproof jacket of nylon construction (as opposed to PVC). I wanted it to be comfortable in wearing as opposed to the sauna effect of some rain jackets.

The First Gear Rainman jacket has proven to be an effective and reliable part of my riding gear.

I’ve worn it on all my motorcycle tours in the past several years. I typically wear it when riding in the cold at night, whether rain or dry.

As expected, it has kept me 100% dry in prolonged intense rain. The internal lining gives it a comfortable feel. It slips on easily, and I am not aware of any clammy feeling.

So yes, for my money wearing a good rain jacket makes a difference.

It adds measurably to my riding comfort.

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