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Product Review

Frank Thomas Cargo Endurance rucksack (back pack) motorcycle luggage

The Frank Thomas Cargo line of products offers a complete line of motorcycle luggage products. The Cargo line is divided into four separate families of motorcycle luggage products that offer motorcycle tankbags, saddlebags, and tail packs:

  1. Cargo Endurance
  2. Cargo Titanium
  3. Cargo Converti
  4. Cargo Basics

When time came for me to replace one of my backpacks, I went looking for a mid-sized backpack that would meet the following:

- be more functionally related to motorcycling and my touring needs,
- offered durable construction, and a shape that would work well for riding and
- function well as outdoor gear when used off the bike

After some searching, I chose the Cargo Endurance rucksack (backpack).


Cargo Endurance rucksack (back pack)

  • Construction: 1200 denier Enduraflex with Polyurethane coating for waterproofing. Tougher and more heat resistant than basic polyester.
  • Padded and shaped back section for inproved comfort
  • Heavy Duty YKK zippers, self healing high weighting with large rubber Tabs for ease of use with a gloved hand.
  • All external edges are bound with a rubberised binding to prevent scuffing of paintwork and prevent fraying of luggage.
  • All badging is rubber for durable good looks and to prevent scuffing.
  • High quality rubber handles, "double riveted".
  • Six zippered compartments
  • Concealed helmet carry net
  • Includes separate Waterproof cover
  • Padded chest straps
  • Waist strap
  • Capacity: 20-25 litres

I’ve used the Cargo rucksack (back pack) on many tours. The sturdy contruction makes it very durable. It's easy to see why Frank Thomas offers a 10 year warranty on the Cargo line of motorcycle luggage.

With the straps adjusted according to contents, the Cargo Endruance rucksack is very stable and comfortable to wear. The back side of the bag is well padded, adding to long ride comfort.

The polyurethane coated Enduraflex material is also quite resistant to light to moderate rain while riding. Though the material is waterproof, water will tend to seep through the exposed zippers if left in standing rain. Also, to limit surface wetting of the material and hence have a backpack that is soggy on the outside, I apply some Durable Water Repelant (DWR) from time to time. This keeps the water beading on the surface and rolling off.

The Cargo Endruance rucksack does come with a good quality transparent rain cover but I’ve yet to use it. Try as I might, I don’t understand how it would stay on while riding at highway speeds. Similar to rain covers used on many tank bags, the rucksack’s rain cover is meant to hold on by means of an elastic at its base.

Though the reality may be that it would stay on due to the low pressure area surrounding a rider’s back, I have yet to muster the courage to try it. It just seems to me that the slightest air pressure at highway speed would inflate it like a parachute and pop it off the rucksack. If anyone has experience with this, please let me know.

There is a handy zippered net in one of the compartments whose intended purpose is to allow one to carry a helmet. However, the idea of carrying a helmet on my back makes me shudder when thinking of possible consequences during a get-off.

On the other hand, I find this integrated net very useful when touring. I’ve often put freshly laudered clothes in it and let them hang outside of the bag to dry while riding. Also works for any damp clothes, gloves etc that need drying.

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