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Chase Harper: Sport Tour H2O Fanny Pack motorcycle luggage / outdoor gear review

When is a fanny pack a good thing?

Over the years, I've done a fair amount hiking as well as assorted winter activities. During the outing, I'll normally wear a backpack where I can stash food, water, first aid kit, some clothing items, and maybe a camera. Often the backpack is warmer or more restrictive than ideal. This is especially true when hiking in the summer where a backpack will sometimes have your back and shoulders sweaty.

In recent years I've been eyeing some of the outdoor gear such as those cross-country ski fanny packs that carry a water bottle on each side. But I had yet to commit to one. Then I came across this Sport Tour H2O Fanny Pack from Chase Harper. It looked just perfect and versatile for some types of motorcycle touring.


  • main compartment is 10 inches wide at the base and 11inches high.
  • 6.5 inch high interior net pouch that goes the width of the bag.
  • 6.5 inch high external zipped pocket
  • tacked onto this is a mesh zipped compartment handy for putting in sundry little items (or damp?)
  • on either side are molded foam (insulated) bottle holders along with neoprene retaining straps
  • 2 x 500ml water bottles (1 quart each)
  • thickly padded back side covered in mesh (improve aeration)
  • quick release belt buckle

The side belts on the Chase Harper Sport Tour H20 Fanny Pack are 6 inches wide at point of attachment, narrowing down and attaching to a 2 inch belt. This provides excellent stability during any type of movement. The pack feels snug, solid, and comfortable while walking around as quality outdoor gear should. In addition, it does not tug at the shoulders as some back packs might when fully laden. This leaves the rider's upper body feeling much freer in movement during a sport ride.

I find it very convenient for any type of touring where I can get off the motorcycle and hike around an area. Though having a liter of water (2 quarts) on me is quite sufficient, I can fit bigger bottles if needed. If I have to access the main compartment (ie to get a camera), I loosen the belt a smidgen and just rotate the pack around, leaving both hands free. This is quick and effective as opposed to taking a backpack off. It works equally well as motorcycle travel luggage as it does as outdoor gear.

A good travel addition.

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