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Product Review

Chase Harper: Tool roll product review

Description: protective tool roll
Colors: available in six different colours
Material: Cordura

Why is a protective tool roll a handy thing?

A few reasons come to mind. For one, the typical motorcycle OEM tool kit is pretty basic. The vinyl pouch is normally filled to bursting, preventing you from making any useful additions.

Also, if you use it by the side of the road, you'll find yourself spilling out all the contents just to get what you need.

This happened to me when I had a mototcycle breakdown in the mountains of northern Georgia. There I was, by the side of the road, working quickly and having my tools splayed out on the dirt and grass. That's when I decided that I had waited enough.

Though a protective tool roll is a very simple accessory, it makes things more pleasant when working out in the field. It acts as a tool organizer and keeps everything tidy.

Just unroll it and your tools are displayed. You can see all of them at a glance, allowing you to pull out the one you need.

This one from Chase Harper is particularly useful and is a quality-constructed item.

Of course it has all the standard tool slots. Putting several wrenches per slot allows me to take quite an assortment.

It also has a very useful integrated zippered pouch. I've found this pouch convenient for many smaller items that normally wouldn’t fit as well in a tool slot (small allen keys, sockets, etc). I can also stash a few bills for emergency purposes.

In use, I've found this pouch makes a significant difference.

When I'm done I just roll it up, cinch the nifty Velcro strap, and I'm good to go.

Having used it, I wouldn't want to go back.

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