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Product Review

Joe Rocket Dry Tech liner product review

Description: Waterproof/Breathable liner
Colors: black
MSRP: $29.99us $49.99 cdn

I have been eyeing some of the newer breathable, waterproof, and windproof liners that have come to market in the last couple of years. They all use some of the new high tech fabrics and look very promissing. Unfortunately, they are typically quite expensive.

And then along came Joe Rocket, introducing the Dry Tech Liner. This was their version of a waterproof/breathable liner intended to be worn under the Phoenix and other mesh jackets.

I and many others were intrigued by this product. The pricing was ideal. Would it really perform? I tried a Dry Tech liner on and evaluated it from every angle. It seemed like it would be the perfect addition that I was looking for as an inner windblock.


  • A waterproof liner that zips into Phoenix, Lightspeed and Reactor jackets
  • Can be worn separately or underneath any jacket
  • Shell is a breathable, waterproof membrane
  • Torso is lined with a very thin layer of fleece
  • Elastic cuff and waist

In use:

I've found the Joe Rocket Dry Tech liner to be just what I was looking for as an inner wind-block shell. The zipper is covered by a double wind/rain flap and is velcro-closed. I've worn it in cold weather and have found it to be very effective at keeping me warm.

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