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Product Review

Joe Rocket Revolution riding pant product review

Description: Rock Tex all-weather protective motorcycle riding pants

Colors: black

Criteria used in selection:

  • very good impact protection
  • good abrasion protection
  • excellent weather protection
  • full-leg zipper
  • quality construction


  • 100% Dry Tech® Waterproof/breathable
  • Rock Tex™ 660
  • Reinforcement Rock Tex™ 1050 on knees/shins and hips (front/back)
  • Padded hips that wrap-around covering front of hip bone
  • Three rectangular padded hip inserts to cover back belt area
  • 2 snap-over waterproof cargo pockets
  • Dual density body-molded knee/shin armor - removable
  • Removable insulated liner
  • 8" zipper for jacket attachment
  • Full length 2-way waterproof zippers
  • Reflective stripe lower leg
  • Pre-curved leg
  • Elastic knee panel

For some time now I had been considering all-weather motorcycle touring pants that offered a full-leg zipper. This option would allow me to don and remove the pants without removing my boots.

In the heat of summer, this would be practical in several situations. While wearing hot-weather riding gear, I could easily slip-on my all-weather pants without removing my boots. Practical when a thundershower hits unexpectedly.

It would also allow me to walk around camp or a hiking area with the zipper nearly fully open, to allow for cooling or ventilation.

So the hunt was on. When I first came across the Joe Rocket Revolution riding pants, I was pleasantly surprised. It re-confirmed how much Joe Rocket has changed in the last several years, how progressive they have been in innovative design and function. I could no longer ignore the fact that they were putting out quality riding gear that not only addressed my needs, but did so at a price point that offered solid value.

It wasn't so long ago, that if you wanted quality and functionality in protective gear, you had to choose among the upper range of protective gear manufacturers. Things are changing.

What I found:

There is evident attention to functional detail. For example, all zippers on the Joe Rocket Revolution pants are about as waterproof as I've seen. The teeth are very tightly weaved and covered with a rubber sheath. Zipped up, they offer little opportunity for water to infiltrate. There are also effective inner and outer wind/rain flaps.

In addition, the leg zippers on the Joe Rocket Revolution riding pants are 2-way (bonus points) and run up to the upper thigh, allowing for even more options in use. They are protected by a wind/rain flap that is secured by rubber covered snaps. As anyone who tours knows, you sometimes end up walking/visiting/hiking. In the summer, being able to unzip the thigh down to the knee and the lower zipper up to mid-calf while choosing to keep the flaps snapped on or not is a real plus.

The unobtrusive, high density hip pads of the Joe Rocket Revolution pants are covered in 1050 Rock Tex™ material. They protect not only the sides of the hips but wrap-around to cover the front of the hipbone. Nice touch.

In addition, the Revolution pants have 3 fair-sized rectangular, high density hip inserts covering the back belt-side. A definite step up in protection for me.

In terms of leg protection, the body-molded knee armor extends down to cover the shin. Anyone who has ever been hit by a stray rock on the shin that was kicked up by a passing vehicle knows how painful that can be.

For various sundry items, the waterproof cargo pockets are very useful and functionally placed. This mid-thigh location is very logical for a touring pant, allowing easy access to contents whether sitting or standing. You also don't need to go fishing under your jacket to get to your pant pocket.

At the waist is a two-part belt that I find very effective. It distributes pressure differently than a single belt would, and allows me to quickly cinch left and right sides separately. Should I want to wear the belt at a looser setting, the suspenders keep the pants securely in place.

Visibility: The Joe Rocket Revolution riding pants have reflective piping running up the outside of the leg from ankle to knee and across the thigh. Quite effective. In addition there is a logo on the front left cargo pocket as well as on each heel, all reflective.

Versatiltiy: The removable thermal liner allows the Joe Rocket Revolution pants to remain comfortable over a wide temperature range.

Quality construction and fit and finish are top notch.

Based on hour-long rainy and cold rides this fall, they've performed very well. As I expected.

I'll add updates as I put them through more typical and prolonged touring conditions.

update November 2004

The Joe Rocket Revolution riding pants have turned out to be solid touring performers. They provide a feeling of security when I slip them on. The knee and hip-surround padding feels good. They feel like a quality garment.

I've enjoyed wearing them for early and late season riding. Though I find them too warm for some of the more termperate weather, they absolotuely shine in the cooler stuff.

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