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Product Review

Joe Rocket: Speedmaster Liner product review

Anyone who's ever done a trackday in the peak of summer knows that getting in and out of a leather suit can sometimes be a sticky affair.

It's during one such hot and humid track day day that I witnessed an experienced rider climb into what appeared to be a mesh type, one piece liner. He then effortlessly slipped into his leather suit. He claimed that wearing the liner made him feel much more comfortable in hot temperatures.

Well, there's no doubt about it, the Speedmaster Liner liner allows me to effortlessly slip into my leather riding suit. But is also does much more.

Though the material used in the liner is refered to as a mesh, it has no similarity with mesh-type jackets. Rather, this material is a very lightweight, soft-to-the-touch, open-waffle pattern.

I've found that wearing the Speedmaster Liner during very warm days helps to noticeably improve my comfort level.

But what is really a bonus is that wearing it seems to help me stay warm in colder temperatures too. Worn under wickable fleece-type garments, I suspect that the waffle pattern helps retain an insulating layer of warm air next to the skin.

At least, that's my current understanding of it. All I know is that during my recent cool weather rides, I felt warmer than folks that I was riding with. I'll have further opportunity to test this theory during the upcoming late season rides.

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