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Joe Rocket: Velocity Tail Bag motorycle luggage product review

Joe Rocket Velocity Tail Bag soft motorcycle luggage

Constant Companion.

I’d been thinking about finding some way to add convenient travel luggage capacity to the CBR for quick jaunts around town and small trips. Over the past several years, I’ve considered various solutions, including motorcycle tail bags.

The more I looked, the more that motorcycle tail bags seemed to be the logical choice, and there seemed to be a good selection available. But I was not totally comfortable with the typical boxy layout. To my mind’s eye, there was something about the thought of a sleek sportbike outfitted with a prominent box-shaped luggage piece that just didn’t mesh. I was looking for something that was a little sleeker, more aerodynamic, in profile. Something that complemented the lines of the bike, as opposed to sticking out in stark contrast.

The new Joe Rocket Velocity TailBag fits the bill. This motorcycle tail bag provides generous travel luggage capacity while offering a sleeker, more aerodynamic profile. It comes with a hidden rain cover and a removable shoulder strap.

What I found:

I use this tailbag daily. In fact, I now use it more often than my tankbag.

It goes on and off the bike in seconds. Once attached it is very secure. Off the motorcycle, the bungee hooks are retractable and completely hide from view. Construction quality is excellent. The hidden rain cover fits well and snugs down with cinch cord.

In addition, there are some nice touches. For example, the handle is grip-molded of soft and comfortable rubber. A nice touch that I notice when carrying the tail bag off the motorcycle.

The zipper pocket on the front of the bag is useful for smaller items. I find it handy to keep personal and toiletry items in this pocket when touring as well as office commuting.

In fact, it’s perfect for office commuting. Dress shirt, tie, slacks, and sometimes shoes, go straight in. When I arrive, I unclip and stow the bungee hooks in seconds, clip on the handy shoulder strap, and I’m off.

The Velocity tail bag feels good aerodynamically. I never know that it’s there. It’s stable and secure. It looks good to boot!

This Velocity Tail Bag has become my constant riding companion.


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