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Product Review

Scorpion Exhaust can (slip-on) product review

The short and sweet of it.

In looking for a motorcycle aftermarket exhaust canister (slip on) I had a couple of criteria that I wanted it to meet.

  • Pleasant sound

  • No re-pack schedules

  • Sound that would not be obnoxiously loud for general riding

  • Lasting quality

The Scorpion motorcycle exhaust canister (slip-on) delivered on all counts.

Scorpion exhausts use ceramic material for internal sound baffling. This means that there is no need to re-pack. More importantly, it means that noise levels remain constant. With a repackable exhaust can, the noise level will progressively increase as the sound deadening material wears off. But the ceramic baffling is rated for the life of the exhaust.

Scorpion claims that the exhaust canisters are designed to produce additional power through the bike’s midrange as opposed to delivering power gains at the top end. Each exhaust can (slip-on) comes with its own printed dyno sheet for the specific motorcycle in question and illustrates the claimed power gains. I haven't verified this.

In addition, Scorpion claims that there is no need to re-jet (for carbureted engines) or re-map (for fuel injection engines). I’m not sure why this would be, if flow is indeed increased, but that is the claim.

Scorpion emphasizes that their exhaust canisters not only produce more sound than stock but that their design produces better sound harmonics. And this is part of what had originally intrigued me. Good sound is not only about louder decibel levels, it is about good harmonics. And I do admit that I often take it up the rpm range or downshift while creating some pleasant exhaust tunes.

The Scorpion exhaust build quality is top notch. Installation is a straightforward affair. Fit is perfect. Durability has been excellent.

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