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Product Review

Teknic Hurricane jacket 2000 model product review

Description: waist-length, bomber-style Cordura motorcycle riding jacket.
Colours: black, royal, yellow, red
MSRP: $299us / $479cdn

In choosing the Teknic Hurricane jacket I used the following criteria:

I was looking for superior impact protection as well as good abrasion protection. In addition, I needed decent performance over a wide range of temperature and weather conditions. Good ventilation for hot weather use was very high on the list.

When I researched what the market offered at the time, the Teknic Hurricane jacket offered a combination of armor/padding that was a significant cut above other jackets in the general price category. Constructed in 500 denier Cordura (not yet common at the time), it came with a full-sleeve zip out thermal liner as well as venting on arms, chest, shoulders, and back for comfortable wear in hot weather.

High on my list of desirable features was an imbedded high density, molded foam back protector. Very few jackets were offering decent armor then, let alone decent back protection.


  • 500 denier Cordura construction using Teknic's waterproof/windproof /breathable POWERSKIN membrane
  • Imbedded 3/4inch high-density molded back protector that extends the lower back protection to cover the kidney area. There is also an inner pocket allowing for the use of an additional (optional) back protector
  • Kevlar pads at shoulders: 3 pads of 6mm thick foam covered with abrasion-resistant Kevlar material.
  • Kevlar pads at elbows: 3 pads of 6mm thick foam covered with abrasion-resistant Kevlar material.
  • In addition there is race-type removable hard armor at shoulders and elbows
  • Zip ventilation on chest, arms, shoulders, and back.
  • 2 front cargo-type pockets, providing easy access
  • 2 front hand warmer pockets
  • Zip out, full sleeve thermal liner

The Hurricane motorcycle riding jacket fairly technical in design. For example, good thought has gone into the armor system and how it functions when used with the 500-denier Cordura fabric. As a rule, hard armor (plastic shell) has a negative impact on the abrasion-resistant performance of textile fabrics. Soft armor will typically provide more of a buffer and transfer lower peak loads on the fabric. However, soft armor does not provide the penetration protection that hard armor can.

To resolve this, the Teknic Hurricane offers Kevlar pads that are backed by 6mm foam. This relatively soft armor provides the required buffering and initial energy absorption. Under the pads are race-type plastic armor that provide good penetration protection and additional energy absorption. This seemed to be a well thought out system.

In use:
The bomber styling allows plenty of room for layering when cold weather riding and I've found the zip-out thermal lining to be effective. The collar (often a weak point in riding jackets) is well executed. It is high enough to provide good weather protection and offers a removable Chill Stopper neck gaiter (extends over upper chest) that is very effective.

For hot weather riding there are 8 vents: 2 at the arms, 2 at the shoulders, 2 at the chest, and 2 at the back. The vents on arms, chest, and back use short tabs with rubberized snaps to keep them open. Fully open they do a decent job of providing cooling flow even at reasonably warm temperatures.

From a visual safety point of view, the 3M reflective striping around the shoulders is very effective.

There are also two options to attach the Hurricane jacket to your pants (if desired). There is a 6inch zipper that attaches to Teknic riding pants and there is a handy belt loop allowing you to attach to any belt.

The Teknic Hurricane offers two cargo style pockets and two hand warmer pockets in addition to an inside zippered pocket.

These are very functional and quite sufficient. From a crash safety point of view, I'm generally not a fan of carrying too many things in too many pockets.

I began shopping for this jacket late in the season. By then color and size selection was more limited. I must have called at least 20 retailers within a 200 mile radius before I located one 150 miles away. I arrived at 9:10pm on a Thurs night after having ridden 2 hrs in rain and drizzle. The good folks waited for me.

This jacket has turned out to be the strong performer I expected. I've worn it on many trips and in many different riding conditions.

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