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Product Review

Teknic Violator II gloves product review

Description: Racing/track motorcycle gloves
Colors: available in a variety of colors

Criteria used in selection:

  • Excellent impact protection
  • Excellent abrasion protection
  • Excellent feel


  • A mix of drum dyed cowhide construction and goatskin construction.
  • Kangaroo leather palms
  • Molded carbon/Kevlar protection system on knuckles and fingers
  • Extensive Kevlar Stitching
  • Double leather in palm, top of fingers and side of hand
  • Kevlar fabric on hands and wrist
  • 3mm sponge foam padding in fingers
  • 6mm sponge foam padding on hand
  • Inner full nylex lining
  • Velcro gauntlet closure and wrist strap
  • Pre-curved design.

I set out to replace my regular leather riding gloves with a pair that offered current state of the art impact and abrasion protection. I was looking for that ideal blend of maximum protection as well as optimum comfort and feel. The perfect glove feels like an extension of my hand. It does not appreciably dull my tactile sense. In fact, it seems to heighten it. If you've ever worn a pair of gloves that "fit like a glove" you'll know what I mean.

As soon as I tried on a pair of Teknic Violator motorcycle gloves I knew that I had found what I was looking for.

This was a motorcycle glove of complex construction that was perfectly executed. It offered hard carbon/Kevlar protection over knuckles and finger joints as well as Kevlar abrasion-resistant surfaces on the back of the hand and the sides of the wrist. The Kangaroo palm provided a soft, very comfortable and high-tactile feel. I found them extremely comfortable.

Update 2001: I purchased a second pair of Teknic Violator gloves for dedicated track use.

Update 2004: I still use the original pair (purchased in 2000) as my main street motorcycle riding gloves.

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