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Product Review: Motorcycle windscreens

Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen product review

Motorcycle windscreens: Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen

I realized early on that the CBR 929 was going to be a better sport touring bike than I had imagined. Ergonomically, it fit me well and felt comfortable for extended periods. For an open class sportbike bike, this came as a bit of a welcome surprise to me.

But I also knew that sport touring for any distance inevitably means crossing weather systems. So I began looking for a motorcycle windscreen that would offer increased weather protection while also complementing the lines of the bike.

In looking over the options available in the marketplace, I set out the following criteria:

- I was mindful that I wanted to possibly improve, not worsen the already decent airflow over the stock windscreen. Wind buffeting can be one of the most tiring aspects of riding for extended periods. It adds a constant staccato-type of assault that is not only loud but physically draining.
- The chosen windscreen had to complement the lines of the bike.
- It had to offer near OEM quality. I wanted to avoid aftermarket motorcycle windscreens that offered a lower quality than stock in either thickness of material or visual distortion.

My research on the net included local as well as European companies offering many motorcycle windscreen options. According to owner feedback on various forums, satisfaction seemed to vary.

One of the companies I considered was Zero Gravity and its Double Bubble windscreen. The shape of the Double Bubble windscreen was developed in 1995 for the Zero Gravity race bike team. In essence, it’s a bubble within a bubble. It aims to improve the pocket of still air around the rider without adding significantly to drag.

There are several tints available. I chose the dark smoke since the screen is low enough that I don’t need to see through the it. I felt that the darker color would protect the instruments from exposure to strong sunlight as well as making the cockpit a visually quieter area to look at (not as bright).

As motorcycle windscreens go, installation was a straightforward and simple affair. Fit and finish were first rate.

Caution: do not over tighten the screws as the screen will crack.

What I found:

There was an immediate improvement in clean airflow. Less exposure to rain and cold, a certain benefit when touring early or late in the season. Riding the Double Bubble and then reverting back to the stock windscreen really highlights the difference.

My initial intention was to later obtain a larger touring version of the screen for longer trips. But I’ve never really felt the need for it. Airflow can often be a sensitive area to manage. Once I get it right, I don’t feel the urge to further explore and risk possible disapointment.

- The Zero Gravity Double Bubble windscreen delivered increased protection by providing more wind deflection.
- It looks great to boot.
- The quality of the Double Bubble windscreen was solid.
- But more importantly, I found it to be very effective in providing a clean, buffet-free airflow.

This Double Bubble windscreen has partnered with me on many tours. We’ve been through all types of weather together and it’s performed great. It’s been a worthwhile addition.

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