Bruno Valeri

About Buell ownership

Owning a Buell motorcycle is very much a state of mind. It’s about pride of ownership and an appreciation for interpretations of technology that are innovative and unique.

It’s not about cookie cutter approaches nor mainstream solutions.

Erik Buell has a very definite perspective about what makes a good motorcycle and he steadfastly implements that vision in every new product. In the great scheme of things, this is a very young company. But it has come a long way. Buell products are visibly better from one model year to the next.

In a short period of time, they have gone from basically being kit bikes in essence ie an assembly of quality components, to highly integrated motorcycles offering high levels of fit and finish.

They are also responsive, adapting change and upgrades according to customer feedback and requests. Not everyone can claim that.

Buells may be niche products, but they are niche products in the same way that exotic cars are niche products. Like exotic cars, they may be imbued with quirks, but they offer much in terms of uniqueness.