EastSound CD-E5 installation of replacement transport


Photo #9: Powered up, CD inserted and it works !


Photo #10: A view from the top with transport fully installed and CD in tray.


Photo #11: Power off the CD, unplug and screw in the top plate with the 8 hex screws provided.
The CD player is ready to go back in the rack where it belongs. I hope this can be of some help
if somebody ever needs to change the transport in the E5.


Photo #12: The CD player is now fixed and making music again ! This is somewhat unimportant
to this tutorial but in case some of you want to know the rest of the system (for now) from top
to bottom: Mitsubishi DA-F20 tuner, Esound CD-E5, Cayin 265Ai integrated and Castle Stirling
speakers. A Salamander rack, an assortment of cables, vibration dampers and a line conditioner make
up the rest of the system. There's room on the bottom shelf for a future SACD player perhaps.

I'd like to extend my regards to Arthur Wells at Head-Fi http://www.head-fi.org/ for going out of
his way to help me out. Thanks for your patience and detailed explanations. Thank you to Snowy
Law of Cattylink Analog Research http://www.cattylink.com/ where I purchased my E5. You also
went beyond the call of duty to get my player working again. Snowy is an exemplary business
man and knows what client satisfaction is all about.

- Michel Fleury , Mike FL at Head-Fi