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RealFont is a GM midi SoundFont I've been working on for a year now. This is the first public release I have ever done for this one. RealFont 2.1 is a SF2 sound font using mostly stereo samples.

It is a collection of some of the most natural sounding instruments I have found on the web to date. This sound font is intended for pop, rock, r&b and blues/jazz. As for dance and techno, this is  another game and I use a different SF for that kind of music. I don't believe there is a "Perfect" GM sound font out there but this one usually does the job. Mostly , I have packed the best of the instruments I use most witch are : Drums (very important, this is where most banks lack  quality and natural sound!) , Piano, bass, strings, guitars  and winds . This is a HUGE bank . To date it is 91MB in size and growing. this means that you need at least 256MB RAM, but honestly a DAW should always have 512MB. 

One thing I have to say  is that I can't take all the credits for RealFont because

without the help of everyone else's FREE sound fonts I never could have done it.

Once in a while I play gigs in local bars and casino and I always get compliments on my sound. "Your sequences sound so natural, are you using midi ?" or "how much did you pay for that sound module, it's amazing ... " this is the kind of questions I get. When I explain that I use FREE sound font on my pc , on a 49$ sound card and that I Record the sequences on a 250$  Minidisk deck, they are stunned !!!

I also produced demos for other musician using this sound font and got very good feedback from producers and other musicians . I Would appreciate your feed back on this sound font bank if you download and use it. Why not send me a sample of your work done with this bank.

If you like this sound font but you have some instruments that you wish would sound better (and believe me a "few" could...) , tell me. If you have or know of an instrument that could replace one in this bank, let me know. Thank you for your time and efforts, and enjoy .




Michel Villeneuve 2004