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When will the first non-demo build be available? It depends on rainy days, mood and overall spare time.
Latest Stable Build: (2004-05-01)
Current "Build du Jour" (WIP): (2005-12-30)

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Project Status [2005-12-28]

Where do things core-wise stand right now, after the very loooong time since the last update?

Miscellaneous Notes [2005-12-28]

Forum Status: I decided to trash IPB since 1.x.x has issues with Apache2/PHP5/MySQL a few weeks ago and started fresh with a new FOSS board.

Latest News

2005-12-30: There goes the build that wraps up 2005...

Since it is unlikely that I will have any time to do any serious work on MT with the few New Year parties I have on my list, I have decided to go ahead and post my current internal build. I hope some people will find it useful.


2005-12-28: Progress is slow but steady.

I managed to merge large chunks of code to simplify and optimize some structures without encountering any significant complications, if everything continues this smoothly for the remaining tweaks I wish to implement in the next demo build, it may be ready late this week. Since I am near my ISP's monthly bandwidth quota for the current billing month, I will not be able to do much real-world testing but preliminary results of my last private build seemed promising. There are only two or three more tweaks I wish to implement before posting a new build.

2005-12-16: Back on the saddle.

Wow, seven months since the last time I added bits of news to this page, I certainly was not planning to let 0200 to drag on for so long. I will not make any more promises that I am very unlikely to keep but I can at least tell the few people who still visit this page hoping for news that MoonlightTorrent is not dead yet. Over the last few months, I had many obligations and hardware/software problems that ate the lions' share of whatever spare time end energy I would have preferred to put elsewhere... and I do have a job lined up for this winter (Perl/C/C++ programmer again - though Perl is a new addition - and a ~1.5h commute again as well) so I am unlikely to have much spare time beyond January 9th. It is unlikely that I will be able to implement uploads during that time but I should be able to cross a few overdue items from my todo list until then.

Yesterday's News

The oldest older news is almost a year old so it is history.

Some other stuff I am working on

...when I have time for it and feel like it.
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