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HALTRECHT, Gold, Poole, Muriel

Muriel Gold’s book Tell Me Why Nights Are Lonesome (2004, Shoreline Press, Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC) is an autobiography/family history in the creative non-fiction genre, based on her parents' correspondence during their courtship from 1912-1920.

1953-76 Married to Maurice Gold, C.A., Ph.D. Higher Education,

1980 to the present - Married to Ronald Poole, Ph.D. McGill Professor, Plant Biology. Author of over 50 scientific journal articles.

Two children, Erica Gold, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Children's Hospital of Western Ontario and Victoria Family Medical Centre, London, Ontario. Married to Warren Nielson, Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist, Director of the Fibromyalgia Program, London Health Sciences Centre. They have two sons, Geoffrey, born 1987 and Kenneth, born 1990.

Glenn Gold, M.B.A., Founder and President, Lytton Financial Inc., Formerly Executive Vice President, Managing Director, and Head of Investment Banking, HSBC Canada (Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp.). Married to Hedda Leitham, R.N., and masters swimmer, now a full-time mom with son, Joshua, born 1996, and daughters, Vanessa, born 1998, and Aleksa, born 2000. Living in Toronto.

Stepson, Christopher Poole, TV Producer/Director, L.A., married to Carolann Butler, M.A. in Screenwriting from USC. Winner of the Jack Nicholson award for best screenplay at USC. Also an actress whose favorite director is her husband, Chris.

Stepdaughter, Elizabeth Gibbs, Ph.D., Psychologist, living in New Hampshire. Co-editor of book entitled Interdisciplinary Assessment of Infants.

Our hobbies: Tennis, and weekends in our country house in Ste Anne des Lacs in the beautiful Laurentians.

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