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Concordia University, Guest Director, with graduate Drama Therapy students

Gave workshops: use of the Fictional Family technique, 1997-2005


Brock University,   Director of Performance of Scenarios, and Animator of Interactive training workshop with faculty and staff on sexual harassment, harassment, and discrimination, 1996


McGill University Drama Specialist, Graduate Department of Social Work, 1992.

Gave workshops: Use of the Fictional Family technique with family therapy trainees


Concordia University Faculty Lecturer, 1986-88

Designed new course and Taught: Drama with Special Populations, 1986-88

Worked with:

Montreal Association for the Blind - visually-impaired and multi- handicapped children

           Constance Lethbridge Rehabilitation Centre, Day Centre - disabled adults

           MacKay Centre - hearing-impaired and wheelchair children

           St Kevin School - hyperactive and Down-syndrome children

           Creative Social Centre, Guest Director, Drama Workshop, with 60 plus group, 1986


Concordia University,       Co-director, with Barbara MacKay - Drama, Theatre and Video (Drama Therapy), with sexually abused teenage girls in cooperation with Concordia University, Ville Marie Social Services, and Youth Horizons, 1985.


Holy Names School, Montreal Catholic School Commission, Consultant

Drama Sessions with 17 ninth grade girls with learning disabilities - evaluated program and wrote paper, 1972.



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Gold, Muriel. Therapy Through Drama. The Fictional Family. Springfield, Ill. Charles C. Thomas, 2000.

MacKay, Barbara, Muriel Gold and Erica Gold. A Pilot Study in Drama Therapy with Adolescent Girls who have been Sexually Abused. THE ARTS IN PSYCHOTHERAPY. Vol. 14, 77-84. New York. Pergamon Press,     November 1987.


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