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Billiards on the Web

In Quebec


All the information about billiards in Quebec: competitions results, discussion forums, photos, video clips, rules of the game, historical topics.

Ligue de billard Classe B Gatineau Est

The members of the league will find on this Website answers to their questions. The schedule, teams, statistics, photos, even the minutes of meetings; everything is there.

In Canada

Website devoted to billiards and snooker in Ontario. Gives information on the Ontario Billiards and Snooker Association and on the Ontario Senior Snooker League. Excellent page of links to Canadian and international Websites.

In United States

The American Poolplayers Association (APA)

The governing body of amateur pool. Organizes pool leagues and tournaments in United States.

The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

Online instructional resources and reference materials for learning and teaching how to play and excel at pool and billiards, and how to understand the physics of the game.

Ace's Web World: Pool and Billiards

A source for pool and billiard books, pool posters, pool movies on DVD, pool art, pool and music t-shirts, and discount pool cues and supplies.

Best Billiard

Online catalog, sales and service. Several interesting topics about billiards.

Easy Pool Tutor

Free Online Pool Lessons.


Billiard news, results of competitions, pool lessons and videos, etc.

In France


News in the world of billiards, schedules, results and rankings for all variants of the game, the rules and features of each, a dictionary of billiards, discussion forums, and more. A reference site...


Developed in Toulouse, this site covers the various games of billiards. The schedule and results of competitions, rankings, discussion forums, ads of billiard equipment, and documentation on the playing technique (books, CDs, DVDs and videos) are found on this site.

Portail du billard (Clubs Billard)

Directories of billiard clubs in France, ads selling billiard equipment, discussion forum, rules of the game, etc.

Ligue de Normandie de billard

Website that provides information on the clubs of the league, and on the activities, trainers, and referees in Normandie.

Site Web de Régis Petit

Website that explains the physics of billiards. You can also find information about hydraulic rams and about the human nervous system.

In Europe


On-line sale of pool and snooker material, videos and documents.

Peradon Snooker Cues

On-line sale of billiard tables, cues and accessories.

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