Links to Collectors, Clubs
and Dealers of Phonecards and Smart Cards

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Collectionneurs de Télécartes du Québec/Québec's Phonecards Collectors Club

Daniel Boyer - Canadian Phonecards and Visa Cash Collector

Haim Sakharovich - Israely Phonecards and Visa Cash Collector

Art Becker - Telephone and Debit Card Journal

Maurice Gagnon - Canadian Phonecards

Alain et Jean-Charles - France - Phonecards, GSM, Cash Cards and Visa Cash

JDL Holdings, David Levin - Phonecards from New Zeland

Telebec - Phonecards Collectors Club

Lithuanian Phonecards Catalogue On Line

Cardmania International

The UK Phonecard Information Center

Jean-Marc Perrenoud - Phonecards from France

Joe's Trading Corner

Valleycard - Phonecards, Visa cash, Coke & Disney

Collection des
télécartes de Belgique, privées et publiques avec et
sans puce.