My Home Theater Setup

Hi, my name is Martin and like more and more people on Home Theater Forum, I made a site with pictures of my HT Setup so those who bother to click on the link in my sig can see in what environment I watch the DVDs we talk about on HTF.

First thing that most of you will notice on that picture is that I sit awfully close to the screen! Well, my TV is only a 27" and being an OAR Purist like most HTF Members, it doesn't get filled! So sitting close is a good compromise between buying a bigger TV (Which I might do eventually) and buying Pan & Scan versions of films (No Way - I fully adhere to the HTF Motto: No OAR = No Sale!)

Since my living room is small, a big 60+ Incher would not be a good idea although when I get a better TV, it's probably gonna be the biggest Non-Projection Widescreen which last time I checked was 34" Doing some calculations showed that a 34" Widescreen image would be about the same size as on a 39" 4:3 with black bars. Depending how fast prices are dropping on those, I might upgrade that in 2-3 Years...

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