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Written by Gaston Lavoie.

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Last update, 15th of March 2018.

"The time has come to build a better society.
This page offers the opportunity to take a look at long term solutions and at Healing procedures that will help deal with present problems."
This document is the result of a healing journey that started in 1972 and helped me to understand the mechanisms of violence.
It was born out of a passionate desire to stop violence.

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The spirit or soul as we call it is an entity of light filled with the same love that we were experiencing when we were with the Being of Light before our birth and the same one we will meet with when we die. Before we come into this world we spend time with the Being of Light in the same place that people go to in near death experiences. During that time, we are shown everything we will have to go trough during this coming life, this is why we have déja vue experiences. Our spirit or soul remembers the feeling of love we experienced during that time spent with the Being of Light and still wants to experience it once inside a human body. When the child is born, the brain is not developed enough to have coherent thoughts. So the soul or spirit controls the child. That is the reason babies are so loving. We come here to learn how to love all things unconditionally, to love with the unconditional love of the child. The human body we occupy is loaned to us by the Great Spirit so that we can learn those lessons, if we fail to learn the lessons we were given, we have to try again and again until we succeed. When we fail we are obliged to come back into another human body but must face the same difficulties and overcome them.
The reproductive cycle is affected by a large number of factors. The environment and the food we eat are two of the most important items. If a couple wishing to have a child lives in a toxic environment and or does not eat enough or the wrong kind of food, they run the risk of not being able to provide all the necessary elements to fertilize the egg and consequently give birth to a physically and mentally damaged child. The consumption of drugs and or alcohol before, during and after copulation can have a detrimental effect on the formation of the embryo and the development of the fetus. Improper or insufficient food will also affect the development of the fetus.
During that crucial period, it is important for the pregnant mother to find herself in a good mood as much as possible. The developing child is sensitive to all the substances that circulate in his mother's body. If she drinks alcohol, the child gets drunk too, if she is angry or afraid, the child feels the adrenaline that circulates in mother's blood, if she is having sex, the child feels the effects of the sexual endorphins during orgasm. Science is just now finding out that all the above substances are addictive and that the addiction can be transmitted to a child before he or she is born. If we ignore this important phase of our development, we are denying our children the ability to live a relatively easy life and burden them with problems they will have to struggle with for the rest of their lives.
Traditional Native point of view.
For thousands of years, native communities that live within the Arctic Circle have survived in a climate where, for two months of the year, the temperature outside their house is minus 50 degrees and the sun doe not rise above the horizon. What does it take not only to survive but also to reproduce and be happy under such living conditions? The answer lies in their traditions that dictate: That a pregnant woman must be in a good mood as much as possible. It is believed that if she is traumatized, not only is she injured, but the child is damaged for the rest of his life. When one looks at addiction to adrenaline prior to birth, one understand what that statement means.
During the darkest period of the year for people living nearer the poles, the absence of light causes the people to feel depressed. It therefore is important to ensure that late pregnancy does not extend into this period of the year to avoid damaging the unborn child. Prolonged exposure to the substances produced by the body of the mother when depressed during that time of the year will affect the unborn child. This wisdom is several thousand years old and full of common sense.
Nurturing love and respect after birth.
The same tradition also states, "when a child is born, he or she must be respected and given all the love he or she wants." If the love is not given, the child grows up wanting, eventually, the child forgets that it is love that he or she wants and just wants. That is what is responsible for greed and the struggle for power. Love is so important to the children, that even if you try to kill them, they will continue loving you. In order to do so, the child forgets the trauma as soon as possible but his brain develops a defense mechanism which causes them to react to threatening situations with anger and fear instead of reasoning it out and finding an acceptable solution. The parents are held so high in their esteem, that they believe their parents, the object of their love, can do no wrong. The tragedy here is that if the parents do something wrong, the children will grow up believing that it is OK to do so, and, not knowing any other way and not able to tell the difference between right and wrong, will treat their own children the same way. This is how unacceptable behavior is passed on to our children, the reason why it is so hard to break the cycle of violence and what is behind the common belief that our leaders, religious or otherwise, can do no wrong.

The healing of the body and the mind.
It is well known that the body's immune system is affected adversely by stress in our lives, what is not so well known is that occulted and conscious traumas are constantly sapping our ability to deal with situations and that our level of stress remains high constantly. This state of constant stress produces toxins in our blood that affect our digestive system, our ability to deal with emotional stress, and in the end, severely affect our general state of health and well being.
When a person commit an offense and hurts someone, both the offender and the victims suffer from stress. The offender feels guilt, shame and is afraid that someone will find out, while the victim fell anger, fear and desperation if he or she can not change the situation. The situation will remain that way until the offender comes forward and apologize, or the victim finds the courage to confront the aggressor to ask for an apology, compensation, and offers forgiveness.
The major difference when a child is traumatized is; the child's love is so important that he or she will have to forget the trauma in order to continue loving. That unconditional love has some draw backs however. Occulted or forgotten memories are just as damaging to human spirit as are conscious ones with the difference that uncontrollable outbursts of anger and fear result when similar situations arise later in life. The anger that was not allowed to be expressed by the child is stored in the subconscious memory and often triggers with very violent outbursts.
In order to liberate one self from such repressed memories, one has to go trough regression therapy, or the offender has to come forward with an apology. If the offender comes forward, he or she must be prepared to deal with the anger that will be expressed by the victim at that time. All of the repressed emotions of the victim will surface. In the end, one must remember that forgiveness will eventually have to take place. If forgiveness is hard to do, one should always remember that those who become aggressors where also victim when they were children and that their mistakes are often the result of forgotten childhood traumas. The best part of this process is the final reconciliation of the victim and the aggressor.
The relationship between the mind and spirit.
The human mind is a very powerful tool that is only used to 10% of its capacity and it is because we are constantly analyzing our environment for danger signs and dreaming up defense scenarios consciously or subconsciously. When we clean up our subconscious mind of all the forgotten traumas, we liberate it to do more constructive work. Meditation is one of the most effective tools to control the wandering mind and to learn to focus on the present moment. Most people are constantly thinking about their problems and could be sitting in paradise if only they could stop thinking about everything else. The fine tuning of the mind and our ability to detect the subtle messages of the spirit are part of the process that will help us come out of our collective mess.
Dreams are also a means to receive information from the spirit world, and many people are receiving dream messages repeatedly and continue to ignore them. One must understand that spirits do not have a body and therefore can only communicate with us by sending us images and or symbols to convey a message. Some times we are sent emotions like fear to warn us of impending danger, and when we look around, there is nothing in our immediate vicinity that would indicate there is anything wrong. Ignoring such messages can be costly.
The Healing process.
When an offense is committed, there are two victims: the aggressor and the victim. In order to achieve healing, both must deal with the offense and its consequences. Revenge is not an acceptable option because it simply extends violence into a new group of people.
The objectives of the Healing process are:
1.- Prevent further acts of violence.
2.- Allow the victim of the offense to come to terms with the emotions related to the event and to forgive the aggressor.
To prevent further acts of violence, the aggressor must admit an offense has been committed, seek the counsel of a healer in approaching the victim of the offense, and, when conditions permit, ask the victim to be forgiven.
When forgiveness is given without being asked for and refused by the aggressor, only the victim is healed.
When the victim refuses forgiveness when asked for, the aggressor is healed but the victim remains sick with hatred.
When forgiveness is given when asked for, both the aggressor and the victim are healed and the cycle of violence is broken.
When the victim exercises revenge, the cycle of violence is extended to new people and continues to grow. It's the worst possible thing that can happen, and in some cases, it damages entire communities.
When forgiveness is asked for, the victim must remember that violence is learned by being a victim of violence. This is especially true if a child is raised in a violent environment. Having been a victim in childhood, the chances are good that the child will grow to be a violent adult if he is male and a victim if female. This is because adrenaline is an addictive substance and is also the reason why so many women end up in violent relationships, which they leave, and most of the time end up with even more violent mates in their new ones.
People with a violent disposition need help to deal with their problems. Patience and compassion will go a long way in helping those caught up in the cycle of violence.
We must keep in mind that raising our children with love and respect will create a society vulnerable to aggressive people but, do we want to keep increasing our military arsenal and risk being destroyed?" For me the answer is simple, I want to be happy and if it means being vulnerable, then so be it.
World peace can be a reality if we all decide to do something about it. Some of us are programming ourselves for violent behavior prior to our birth; end up addicted to violent emotional states and crave violence right from the beginning of our lives. It is not a hazard that our children love violent television programming and violent video games.
The most important question at this time is how do we stop this cycle. Some countries have started rehabilitation programs that intervene at early stages of the development of family crisis and deal with offenders as people requiring assistance in identifying their problems and following trough with therapy sessions which eventually bring the family back together to start a new life. Again it must be stressed that the only way to deal with violence on to long term is to deal with family problems, to give our children love and respect, to treat our pregnant women with love and respect, and teach our young people what love and respect is. It will take a while to accomplish this but it is well worth it.

I had to forgive my father for trying to kill me when I was 18 months old. When I found out about it in a regression therapy session, I did not believe it. The central piece of evidence was a bear skin rug on the living room floor. I was naked, playing on the rug and loving the sensuous feeling of the fur against my skin. At one point, I got up and urinated on it in a gesture of defiance. When my father saw me, he went into a fit of rage and kicked me into the wall. I suffered a fractured skull, fractured ribs, fractured hip and a dislocated shoulder. He then took me to the kitchen table and proceeded to put a diaper on me. At this point I started to urinate again and pissed onto his face, he got so mad that he got a pillow and choked me to death. My soul left my body and went all the way to the Being of Light who told me that I had been given something to do and that I must go back and do it.
Although I had scares that proved it really happened, I could not believe my father would do such a horrible thing. I asked my older sister if we ever had a bear skin rug in our home and she said: 'Yes'. Still I refused to believe it. On my father's 80th. birthday, I was sitting next to him at the diner table and my sister was sitting in front of me. I asked him if we ever had a bear skin rug on the living room floor and he said: ' No, we never did'. My sister replied: 'Yes we did for at least four years'. Upon hearing her, my father got up, left the dining room and locked himself up into his apartment. I was sure now that this really did happen. I waited for a couple of hours and went to see him to offer forgiveness for all the bad things that happened to me because of him. Unfortunately, he refused to admit he had done anything wrong. He died 6 months later.
I still wanted to forgive him and get this mess resolved in a good way. About a year after he passed away, I met a Native healer and she invited me to attend a Sweat Lodge ceremony. She said: 'During the ceremony, I give you permission to invite the Spirit or Soul of your father and offer him forgiveness one more time. It was my first experience with Native spirituality and a good one it was. We held a talking circle in the Lodge. When my turn came to speak, I invited the Spirit of my father to come and I said to him: " Dad, I forgive you for a very simple reason. I became a violent person as a result of the violence I had to endure growing up. In order for you to be so mean to your own family, you must have had a terrible childhood yourself ."
About a year later, I was participating in a walk across the United States of America to bring people of all races together and stop violence. Every evening, we where holding talking circles. On one of those evenings, in a place called Moonridge, Lora, a young mother, gave me a Teddy Bear and told me: 'I wont tell you why I am giving you this now but I will later. Please hold on to it.' There were many children attending those gatherings and the Teddy Bear was gone pretty quickly. About a week later, I received a letter from Lora, delivered to me by her sister. In the letter she describes a dream she had about me. In her dream, she saw me standing in a room talking to some people and she saw a very old French gentleman whom she believed was my father was standing behind me holding a Teddy Bear . He wanted to give me the Teddy Bear but he was afraid to approach me so he snuck up behind me, put the Teddy Bear beside my feet and left the room.
I recognized my father's Spirit doing this to let me know he had accepted the forgiveness offered a year earlier, but I could not understand why he had given this dream to that woman. When Spirits have a message for you they usually communicate with the person concerned. This was a mystery to me but I knew I would understand sooner or later. Another week went by and this woman came back to see me. This time she was accompanied by her husband and her 4 years old hyperactive boy. I sat down at a picnic table and oriented the conversation toward their relationship. They shared their difficulties with me and I shared my healing journey with them and gave all three of them some tools to control their anger. I now understood why my father had given her the dream. Not only had he accepted the forgiveness offered, but he was now guiding people to me so I could share with them my healing journey from violence to happiness and help them make their lives better. My heart was moved to tears of joy when I realized what was happening.


During my quest for wisdom, I was fortunate enough to hear stories of the journey of the Spirit that I would like to share with you.
In 1970 in Philadelphia.
In 1970 in Philadelphia, I was attending a meeting of people practicing meditation. That night, a young couple came to share the story their daughter told them a few days earlier. It all began when the father came home to pick up his daughter to go shopping at the local mall. When the father left work, someone left a pamphlet under the windshield wipers announcing an information session about meditation. The pamphlet had a picture of the teacher, a young Guru I was following at the beginning of my healing journey. When the little girl got into the back seat, she said : " Daddy daddy I know this man." The father was surprised by this comment because the girl was too young to know how to read and he knew she never met the Guru, so he asked her how she knew this man. She replied: "Before I came into this world, I was with the Being of Light and I was shown the people I was going to meet and the things I was going to do on earth, that is where I saw him and that is when we chose you and mommy to be my parents." Needles to say this man was very curious about the Guru.
In the summer of 1997.
In the summer of 1997, I was attending a Native Spiritual Gathering on Manitoulin Island. When I got there, some member of the community had just completed a 4-day prayer ritual called the Rain Dance. Some of the participants had already left and we held a talking circle with the remaining attendees. I talked about my painful journey and the need to take care of our unborn children so they would grow up healthy in mind, body and Spirit. One of the women present was holding an 18 months old baby and she shared with us an event that occurred during her pregnancy. When she was 6 months pregnant, she had this waking dream that was so vivid she could never forget it. She witnessed the arrival of the being of light that would occupy the body of her child. She described the experience as the most beautiful experience she ever had. She was feeling an immense amount of love as the Being of Light approached accompanied by another Entity of Light she understood to be the soul of her unborn child. She said that the Being of Light introduced her to that spirit and she saw a ball of light enter her body. She never felt that good before and doubts she would ever feel that way during this life on earth. In another somewhat similar story, a woman told us that the little ball of light visited every room in the house before coming into her body.
During a journey trough the United States in July of 1995.
During a journey trough the United States of America in July of 1995, I was walking trough the battlefield of Manasses, one of the bloodiest battlefield of the civil war. In a vision, I saw soldiers preparing for battle in the middle of the night, still going trough the same emotions they were going trough during the battle that killed them and this had been going on for more than a century. They were not experiencing the bliss of the realm of the Being of Light simply because this kind of emotions are not compatible with bliss, love and good feelings generally speaking. Their thoughts were the only obstacle to entering into the realm of the Light. They were trapped by their thinking, which did not change because of their sudden death. They did not even know they were dead.
The boy who could see his mother’s internal organs.
The mother of a boy who could see the world with the eyes of his spirit told us that, when he was younger, he could see the inside of the body and he could tell when someone was sick. This young man lost this gift at puberty. People who have had near death experiences remember that they could see through walls when their soul was out of their body. This proves that our soul can see the world differently. Many children are born with these gifts today.
My three near death experiences.
I experienced three near death experiences during my childhood. During the first at the age of 18 months, I met the Being of Light and experienced the love and beauty people talk about. There are no words that can describe it. The second time was a suicide attempt at the age of 7. My spirit left my body and spent 4 hours in a place where all the spirits that were there had succeeded to take their life and were crawling in an ocean of stinking mud trying to climb on top of one another to get a breath of fresh air hurting each other in the process. Everyone had taken their pain and suffering with them into that place of waiting for another opportunity to be given a human body and go through the same suffering and pain in a new life, so that the needed lessons of life may be learned.
What our soul can do.
Our soul can see, hear, think, feel emotions and remember what happened during near death experiences. This means that many of the things we attribute to the brain or central nervous system are also part of our spirit functions. However, there are significant differences with Spirit functions. In the case of Spirit sight, we can see trough obstacles, with hearing we can hear people talking about us thousands of miles away, and our thoughts become reality. So whatever we leave this world with, we carry into the spirit world and it becomes our spiritual reality. If we are concerned about what happens to us when we die, then we must realize that the emotions we carry with us during our life are going to continue after we leave this reality. If we die with serenity, we will go directly to the realm of the Being of Light but if we are angry, hateful and or depressed, or if we are very attached to material possessions, these feelings are going to cross over with us into the realm of the spirits. Ghosts are spirits that are still trying to control their material possessions. Will we be allowed to enter the realm of the Light feeling that way? The answer to that is a resounding NO because that would spoil that realm. When we accompany people nearing their death, it is important to remind them that they must settle their worldly affairs before leaving. Then serenity will be with them as they leave this world and they will be welcomed into the realm of the Light, open to all that it offers. That place is incredibly beautiful, I was there.
I see pain and suffering all around me, but I also see some people getting onto a healing journey and becoming happy. I give my life to the creator every morning as I wake up and live every minute as if it were my last moment on earth. This way, I won't have to deal with unresolved issues when I finally meet the Being of Light at the end of my stay here on earth. Sometimes, children still remembers up to the age of 5 or 6 years, what it was like before their spirit came into their body, before they were born, living with the Being of Light and experiencing a love so beautiful, there are no words to describe it.
Ask them and find out.
Near death experiences are very common today and more and more people come back from the spirit world with a new outlook on life, they know where they came from and where they are going when they leave this reality, I do, and I am willing to share this with you because it is the most important thing in my life. In developed countries, nearly 10% of the people 60 years of age have had a near death experience and of that percentage, 10% have met the Being of Light.
There are several WEB sites that talk about that.
Here is one of them:

God is an entity of love. Those of us who had the privilege of meeting the Being of Light in near death experiences know just how beautiful that love is and will tell you that there is nothing on earth that can compare to it.
All of creation is made out of that love and the Being of Light wants us to experience it. So, knowing that, we can trick the Being of Light into helping us.
If we have not been able up to now in getting what we needed, it may be because we were asking for specific things, but because we don’t know what we need, if we did we would be using it, we kept asking for the wrong things.
The trick is this: Ask for what you need without specifying anything. The Being of Light knows exactly what we need and will provide us with it.
However, this comes with a warning.
What you get may not be what you expected, in fact, it may be very unpleasant. Like loosing a good job so you no longer have to compromise yourself for example. And there is that other thing that still gets me from time to time: you only get what you need at the very last possible moment. That has a tendency to drive me up the wall, and that is because I need to learn about patience and trust. I know it will stop when I have learned my lesson and will begin again if I forget because it is what I need.
There is one last little thing we all need to know. When we pray the right way, our prayers will be answered, the Being of Light will give us what we need, the Being of Light will make us meet with people and events to receive instructions, directions and the tools we need to find your way and to accomplish our mission on Earth. But the Creator will not do the work for us; we have to do it ourselves. We can not ask someone else to wash up for us; we have to do that. The creator will provide the wash basin and the soap; we have to wash ourselves.
Some of our experiences may be very hard to accept, but in the end, we realize that they were necessary for us to find our way. It takes courage to walk this path because it will reveal our faults and force us to deal with them.
Here is a prayer I recite every day as I wake up,
"Great Spirit, please give me what I need.
Make me recognize the gift that you give me
even if it is very painful,
and show me how to use that gift
to make myself a better human being
and the Earth a better place to live."
This prayer comes with a warning. If we need to admit we have a problem with anger, we will have a fit of anger and will not be able to blame someone else for it. In other words, have it shoved into our face. Believe me that was a very painful realization for me, I thought I was a nice guy.
I have had the rare privilege of receiving the most ancient teachings known to humankind. Those teachings are at least 100,000 years old and barely alive. The Druids of ancient Europe and the Medicine people of almost all the indigenous people of the world taught the same thing to their children and adolescents in, sometimes, very elaborate rites of passage ceremonies lasting more than a year during which adolescents were taught how to raise a family. Those teachings were essential to the proper upbringing of the next generation, to ensure that they would be treated with love and respect throughout their lives and that problems, whenever they arose, were treated properly making sure that belligerents received the attention they needed. The emphasis was on the most important period of human development, pregnancy and early childhood. Some cultures consider children as Sacred. In the Cherokee Nation, the word for child literally translated means Sacred One.
A recent archeological discovery tells us how old this knowledge is. In the North of Italy at the end of the second world war, a Canadian soldier cleaning up after the German army was pushed out, was emptying a cave used by the Germans to store munitions. Once all the surface equipment had been removed, he started digging and found 6 statuettes made of different materials representing pregnant women. He put these statuettes in a shoe box along with his note as to where and when he found them and took these back home to Canada. This man died around 1990 and while his children were going through his personal belongings, they found the shoe box and its contents. They thought that the statuettes looked very old and decided to turn them over to a local museum. The statuettes were carbon dated and found to be 25,000 years old.
An archeological expedition was organized and 6 more statuettes were found. In 1995 I was invited to attend the unveiling of the archeological exhibit of those statuettes. After the ceremony, I was asked what I thought this culture might have been like. I said: ''Any culture that would make statuettes representing pregnant women must have had a great deal of respect for pregnancy, the birthing process and childhood. Such a culture must have been very peaceful; they would not have wars, heroes, and any need for fortifications or cities. They did not have a history to write about or ruins to leave behind.''
The Algonquin people are an example of this, they don't have much of a modern history and they never fought against anyone unless they were defending their lives. Many of these cultures are just barley alive; I met Druidesses from France and Scotland in the summer of 1997. Their teachings about women and children are essentially the same. For several millenniums, they have kept their traditions alive, costing many their lives. When genocide is committed, a little bit more of their wisdom is destroyed and the human race becomes poorer.
The opportunity being offered is that scientific research is now proving that dependence to all the endorphins is the cause of most of the problems. All of the animals transmit these dependencies to their offspring. Adrenaline addiction is how the hunting instinct is transmitted to the predator. The human race has been using adrenaline addiction to fuel the power of its empires. We must now chose another way to raise our children, if we don't, we will destroy ourselves and many other species of plants and animals.
When compared to the immensity of the universe, planet Earth is but a small grain of sand. This universe will not even miss our disappearance as a race. We, on the other hand, need this place to continue our evolution. I can assure everyone that the joy of discovering true happiness after so many years of pain and suffering is well worth it. If we destroy this Earth, where will future generations go to continue their journey? Will we damage other ecosystems? Will we be allowed to go somewhere else?
The human soul comes into this world through a woman's body; it come filled with an intense desire to know love. Pregnant women carry at least two souls, theirs and that of the unborn child; a soul filled with divine love and eager to share it us.
Women and children are more sacred than any of the temples men have built to honor their Gods and the scriptures for which too many are prepared to kill or die for.
Women and children should be treated with the respect their sacredness deserves.

The most important thing any human can do for society apart from making ourselves a better human being is to raise our children with love and respect. We must teach our teenagers and young adults what love and respect is and how to raise their children properly if we are to correct the current situation and prevent it from happening again in the future.
To know the power of love.
Many people have survived death resulting from accidents and diseases and experienced near death experiences in which they met with the Being of Light. I have and I am convinced I was in the presence of God, the Creator or, in the case of native spirituality, the Great Spirit. While in the presence of the Being of light, one experiences a love so intense that it can not be described in words. Many of these people have also been given the grand tour of the universe. On this journey, the Being of light was seen in the infinitely small as well as in the infinitely large, the entire universe. Our soul is allowed to bathe in that love and Light throughout that journey. That light and love is in all of creation, in each atom of our being. So, in my experience, I am able to say I am in heaven all the time. And the only thing that prevents me from being happy is my thinking, my mind, wandering into the possibility of war, the payments on my loans, the anger and hatreds that are part of my life and that I refuse to let go of, and everything else that pulls me away from just being in the present moment.
If we think we can change what is happening to us, like finding a better job, make more money or finding the ideal mate, thinking it will make us happy, we are mistaken. All of creation and the beautiful Earth we live on were created as part of heaven. I firmly believe that we are here to learn and to grow into a beautiful entity of light ourselves but in order to become that light of love and to be allowed to merge with the Being of Light in eternal bliss, we have to learn the lessons given to us. I also believe that the human soul is on the verge of taking another step in its evolution and become a little bit more beautiful and loving. Judging from the events of the last few thousand years, I have the impression we have stepped back down the ladder of evolution, but it was necessary to experience the craziness of our ways to get back to doing what we came here to accomplish. In my case, I had to learn about unconditional love and forgiveness. This may sound hard for some of us who have had to endure extremely traumatic events such as torture and witnessing the suffering and death of our loved ones at the hands of really sick individuals.
But we must always remember that nothing happens on Earth that is not meant to happen and that the perpetrators of crimes against humanity are also executing or acting out the will of God and, if for no other reasons, we must forgive them their misdeeds. We must also avoid judging them for they too are the children of God. But we don't have to like what they are doing. We can judge their actions as being unacceptable and tell them so. We must also keep in mind that inside each one of them there is that Light (soul) needing to experience love. After all, it is the programming of their mind that made them what they are and if we are to change things for the better, treating them with respect will go a long way to bringing peace back. Nelson Mandella is a good example of this. God I love that man, what a great teacher.
Before our soul enters in the body of the unborn child, it spends some time with the Being of Light. During that time we are shown everything that will happen to us on our coming journey. That is why we have déja vu experiences. During that time we are allowed to experience the love that emanates from the Being of Light. People that have had near death experiences will tell you that when our soul leaves our body, it continues to think, it can see through obstacles, it can hear very far conversations and it remembers all that happened during that time out of body. So we must understand that when our soul comes into the body of the unborn child, it remembers the love of God and wants to be loved. Since the mind or brain is not sufficiently developed to think rationally, the soul is in control of the child when it is born and the thirst for love of the newborn child is so great that even if you try to kill your child, it will continue loving you.
At the other end of life, we must keep in mind that in order to experience the love of the Being of Light, we will have to let go of our anger, hatred, fears, and depression because if we hang on to them, it would spoil the beauty of that realm and we are simply no allowed to merge with the Being of Light. Rest assured though, that God loves you just the same as all of the other beings in his creation, its just that he wont put up with our negativity and another place is set aside where we have to go to continue living out our misery until we are given another chance to come back into another body and work it out of our system.
The physical aspect of our being.
The physical aspect of our being also needs to be taken care of if we are to have a nice life on Earth. Some very basic instructions have been given to humans at the beginning of our evolution and were transgressed four times each time resulting in the near annihilation of life on Earth according to the Inuit's story of human life. This is the end of the fourth attempt at getting it right. Those who will survive will inherit a damaged Earth but not to fear, there will be enough left to rebuild a better world.
To understand what is happening to us now we must look at the way nature has programmed life. Males of every species have been given testosterone, a drug that triggers adrenaline when 2 or more males occupy the same space. Males become more aggressive when essential resources like water and food are insufficient. This is why there is so much aggressivity and why aggressive people are chosen to be our leaders. It's one of the bad sides of democracy. Some people know this very well and use it to gain power over the people and the land.
The ancient instructions given to humans at the beginning of human life on Earth are simple, one must not traumatize pregnant women for not only do we hurt the woman but also damage the unborn child. The damage done to the child is adrenaline addiction. Taking care of this the right way will greatly reduce violence.
One should not have sexual activities during pregnancy because the unborn child can develop a dependency to sexual endorphins. Taking care of this aspect will reduce the population of the Earth to a reasonable level. For humans, the reproductive cycle should be 5 or 6 years giving the last born child enough time to grow strong and appreciate and accept the arrival of the next one.
The last and most important instruction given to humans at the onset of human life on Earth tells us to love our newborn children, for if their thirst for love is not satisfied, they will grow up wanting, eventually forgetting it is love they want, and just want. That is what is driving our consumer society and destroying our environment.


Wisdom is like a seed
It must be sowed in fertile soil
It is often acquired trough pain and suffering
It must be understood in order to bear fruit
It must be transmitted with
understanding, love and respect
Never worship those who share wisdom
Worship the Wisdom and treat them with respect
Honor them by sharing the Wisdom with those in need
Because if you worship the messenger of wisdom
You may lose their Wisdom if the messenger falls

Image When sharing Wisdom, make sure it is understood
because when it is understood,
it can be transmitted in any language.
If it is transmitted with love and respect, it will last forever,
and like the seed, it will grow and bear fruits.
Wisdom is easy to find, it makes sense.

When I hear the drum
It reminds me of
The heart beat of my mother
Before I was born
At that time of my life
I just left the place where
I lived with the Being of Light
Where I was experiencing
Such a beautiful feeling
That nothing on earth
Can compare to it
There are no words to describe it
Some Children remember it
Up to the age of six
Just ask them about it
The memory of it moves me so
When I hear the drum

There was an old man working to help his people. When he performed ceremonies to help someone,he found that some of the people were falling back to their problems. He was concerned that the people were not listening to his wisdom and wanted to find out why. He put Tobacco on the ground and asked the Great Spirit to guide him. He thanked Mother Earth for all the good things she was giving him and all his Relations.
That night, the old man had a dream. In this dream, he was standing on an island in front of a fire and there were two circles drawn on the ground, one to his right and one to his left. Around the circle to his right, he could read the words: Love, Caring, Sharing and respect. Around the circle to his left, he could read the words: Hatred, Fear, Confusion, and Anger.
When the old man woke up, he wanted to find out what the dream was all about. He drew the two circles on the ground like he saw them in his dream, he made the fire and he asked the people that were coming to the ceremonies to come visit him.
He sat there and asked them to talk about anything they wanted. As he listened to their words he dropped stones in the circles that corresponded to what they were talking about. When the person was finished talking, he looked at the stones in the circles and soon found out that the people that were coming to the ceremonies and not getting better were people that were still caught up with the bad circle. He realized that forgiveness was the most important thing to do in order to walk on the right path. But he could not tell them what was wrong because they would fell bad and get angry with him and if they got angry with him, they would stop listening to him.
So he told them about his dream
and he showed them the stones in the circles.


O, Great Spirit Whose voice I hear in the winds,
And whose breath gives life to the universe, hear me.

I am your child of light.
I need to know your love.

Let me walk in beauty and make my eyes ever behold
the red and purple sunset.

Make my hands respect the things you have made
and my ears sharp to hear your voice.

Let me learn the lessons you are hiding
under every leaf and rock.
and make me understand the things you are teaching me.

I seek strength, not to be greater than my brother,
but to overcome my greatest enemy, myself.

Make me always ready to come to you
with clean hands and straight eyes.

So when life fades, as the fading sunset,
my Spirit may come to you without shame.

When visiting the residence of a friend,
we entered a small building next to his house to take a look at his
office and workshop. Several books were strewn about the top of a
workbench. Mice had taken over the place
and chewed up many of the books including a very expensive dictionary.

Looking around the room, I saw one of them on the top of the wall looking
down at us. It was making no evident effort to hide and seemed intent
at drawing our attention. I was puzzled by this behavior and started to
look around to see if I could find out what it was that was making the
mouse behave in such a strange way.

Just then I spotted a small ball of fur next to one of the roof rafters.
At first I could not make out what it was.
And another mouse appeared next to it.

I realized that the little ball of fur was in fact one the baby mice and
that the two other mice were the mother and father of the little one.

Both the mother and the father were making all kinds of attempts to
draw my attention from the baby and were quite bold doing so.
They were in fact risking their lives to protect their child.
I wonder how many of us would risk our lives to save our children.
Or better still, to make their world a better place to live.