Stealth Hack Omni-directionnal antenna
VHF-UHF 7-51

I have built this antenna as per Boukman's suggestion on the Digital Home forum, you will find my thread here:

DBGH colinear Narod Antenna

The design is per post #289 but note that 80 degrees bending is not mentionned at the 15" lengths and necessary to know:


My Stealth Hawk antenna version made out of Radio Shack's leftover of 1/8" aluminum grounding wire:

Stealth Hawk 1

Element is bolted to 1" thick wooden cedar block
Steath Hawk 2

Winegard TV-2900 300 to 75 Ohm Matching Transformer:
Stealth Hawk 3

aluminum wire inserted in slotted 1/2" PVC pipe
Stealth Hawk 4

View of the attic before installing foot bridge:
Attic before installation

My 2 story house cross-sectional view. This is how I expect to install the DBGH Hi-VHF & UHF antenna with the help of a CM-7777 preamp, the CM7777 PS unit was positionned at #1:
house cross-section view

Here's the final antenna. DBGH Hi-VHF & UHF Combo built as per 300Ohm's drawing: 300Ohm's 28 rods
The theorical performance is found here: Specifications
I opted for the most gain in the lowest VHF channel (7) this antenna could handle. For this I had to built the longest NARODs reflectors (12 1/2" and 31 1/2")

DBGH max VHF 1

DBGH max VHF 2

Presently pointing 135 degrees until August 1st 2011. Maybe after will necessitate tweaking.

DBGH max VHF 3

I receive almost all channels at 100% of all listed here except CH8, CH11, CH13, CH20: my available channels