Neige ou ecran bleu : (Problème analogique)

 Click on RN Power or close it opens it again

Check if the light is green

 Plug with coaxial cable: ensure VCR and TV are on the good channel

 Plug S-VHS cable or RCA: ensure VCR and TV are on input mode

Press on TV or VCR with Look remote control, press on input

 Physical setup check

 If client use 2 kind of cable, check if it plug properly


 Neige par-dessus l’image : (Problème analogique)

 If small line moving (electric interference): try different channel on RN and change it too for the device which is pluged to it.

 If snow is colored: check physical setup


Black noir: not signal received for the (these) channel

With Look remote control, press on Look: Check if there is a msg

Reset RN: Press on POWER and ARROW DOWN of the select menu at the same time

Wait 1 min

If reset doesn’t fixed the prob, check the signal and syntonisation and check physical setup


TO check signal:

Press on Select Menu on Look remote control

Scroll down on Configuration, Press on Select Menu

Scroll down on Verification du système, Press on Select Menu

Appel de service if everything is done


TO check serial no of RN:

 On the left back or Press on Input + ARROW DOWN+ ARROW UP (one after one).

Mosaïque sur certaines chaînes :

 Check the porteuse which has the prob

 Check on our TV, if prob conctact Centre de Control

 Reset RN and check if the antenna cable is in MMDS (and screwed properly)

 Check the signal and synto, if signal good but no synto: Maybe RN too closed of aother electric devices

 Appel de service



L’ordi communique avec le modem

Le modem détecte la tonalité

Le modem compose /  rép. du serveur

Communication entre les modems (ppp)

Vérification du mot de passe

Négociation de protocole tcp/ip


DHCP : Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol








IP address given by pc:




Look range of ip address:





INETWIZ : connection assistant


DNS Prim :

DNS Sec :


POP3 (port:110) and SMTP (port: 25):




How to send email by telnet:

How to read mail by telnet:


telnet 25


mail from:

rcpt to:


subject: test






telnet 110

user xxx

pass yyy


retr #




Fr:6025  Eng:6051


Press input,down and up buttons

Test phone number
System test
Phone prefix
Channel hold-disabled
Initial channel
Power lockout-disabled