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Small Business.


The mentioned Terms and Conditions administer the sales of Atelier du PC enr. At submission of order, you (the customer) are accepting the following terms and conditions set by this organization. Any of these terms and conditions are subjected to change, without any prior notice and at the sole discretion of Atelier du PC enr.

Typographical Errors

Atelier du PC enr. reserves any and all rights to cancel or refuse any order due to typographical error made in product description and/or price of the product. Atelier du PC enr. has the rights to cancel or refuse any order for at its own discretion. This is valid whether or not the order has been confirmed and charged we will immediately refund you. In store prices may vary from web site prices due to time constraints, for the most up to date prices please contact us.

Shipping and Handling

The buyer is accountable for all valid charges including but not limited to; shipping, handling, delivery, applicable tariffs associated with the purchase.

Return Policy

We have a 7 day (no questions asked) return/exchange policy

Limited Time Guarantee

Atelier du PC enr. offers a 30-day guarantee for which all mechanical malfunctions are covered.

Any and all software issues are not dealt with Atelier du PC enr.

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