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I live in a Laurentian pine forest situated in Ste-Sophie, Quebec. I am a wife, a Mother and a Grand-Mother. Since a very young age, I have wanted to create and invent things that money cannot buy. At home, my 3 sisters and I have had a lot of space to explore arts and crafts; old catalogues, cereal boxes and pop cycle sticks were are basic materials. ''legos'' and coloring crayons also played a big role during my youth.

I learned to sew by myself around the age of 13-14 and enjoy it a lot. In my professional life I have been a chocolatier and cake baker for 25 years but my passion for quilting made me reorient my career a few years ago.

I am presently teaching 3 days a week at 'Courtepointe Claire' in Laval and also teach at Guilds and Quilt shops mostly in Québec and Ontario, I have also been invited a few times to teach in the US. My work is mostly as a quilt illustrator, I like to tell a story with my quilts, to which most have a humoristic angle.

For the last 5 years I have been exploring 3D quilting, when I say 3 dimensional I mean a quilt with lenght, hight and ...width!

I am having so much fun with this technique that, except for a few scrap quilts and demos for traditional workshops, it is hard for me to go back to one-dimensional quilts , there is so much surface and angle to cover that I need to make a small scale model of each project in 3D, then start making the pattern.

In 2010 I presented the quilt ''Come and Follow me!'' since then, it has been seen by over 50,000 people and the reaction is always the same ''never seen such a quilt!'' This quilt has won awards in Canada and the United State.

Nobody is indifferent, it is either accepted and wins public choice awards and judge awards or it is rejected from the judges table.

Freburary 2013 this installation as been part of a quilt exhibition called 'Beyond the Bed, The American Quilt Evolution' Katonah Museum of Art, New York State, prepared by the currator Jean Burk of the Shelburn Museum of Vermont State. This exposition has had good reviews in many newspapers even in the New York Times (Art section march 17th)

After that venue it went to Washington where the quilt and I are invited to: Sacred Threads exposition from July 8th to the 28th, 2013. I gave lectures and workshops.

In 2012 I released a new 3D quilt called 'Sweet Memories (Vanille et Chocolat)' a tribute to my years as a chocolatier and cake baker, this new quilt is still 3D but within the standard rules of North American quilt shows asking for the quilt to hang only with a sleeve and from a quilt rack provided by the organisation.

It has won 'Best of Show' at Montréal 2012 salon, it was the first time ever that an Artistic quilt won that ribbon, in Montréal, it also won a second place public choice award. In 'Vermont Quilt Festival it won a more modest 3rd place ribbon but surprisingly won the 1st place public choice award. It also has been accepted to Paducah which is a first acceptance for me in an American international quilt show. No ribbon, but I was looking to be recognize and it came from ''The Quilt Show'' which show cased my work in their Newsletter.

I am presently working on the next 3D quilt, exploring other ways to express myself as a fiber artist. I am exploring a more organic look for this quilt. I hope to show my new work at the Montreal Salon in May 2014.

Quick descriptive preview of the quilt to come:
The subject is an evocation of our vacations in the Rockies (US and Canadian) last fall (2012). Being an outdoor enthusiast, you can see us camping by a river; my husband is fly fishing and I am quilting outside using a solar panel and a special iron that my husband has ingeniously built for me. One day my only companions were 5 deer sitting around me not being annoyed by the sound of the sewing machine, this is what I call an inspiring day! I also had the chance to quilt surrounded by Buffalos!

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