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Les Maisons Intelligentes offers you the opportunity to improve the lighting, ambiance, and security with their easy to use and practical systems, either for your home or business.

You can create several different moods with the lighting system such as relaxing in the living room, romantic dinner for your dining area or even a movie ambiance in your home theatre. With the touch of only one button you can dim your dining room lighting , your art projectors and your wall lamps at a preset level. Further more this same button could allows you to start your gas fireplace and close the drapes.

This lighting system can also improve your home security. For example, you hear a strange noise, you are frightened, you press the panic button located near your bed, all the lights in the house will come on and the outside lights will flash on and off to alert your neighbours. The same panic button can send an alarm signal to a surveillance centre. The system also allows you to automatically turn lights on and off in different rooms giving the impression that someone is home and keep thieves away.

Easy to use
In order to appreciate your system, it must be easy to use. There are several ways to control the lighting in your home or business, we can adapt different technologies for your needs allowing you to control the system with ease. We can install keypads, touch screens, remotes control, movements detectors or timers to control your lighting system.

Suppose you are ready to leave and you realise that you have left the light on at the other end of the house, no need to take your shoes off, thanks to a switch located near the door you can close all the lights in the house. Lighting can be adapted to your lifestyle; your hallway lights can come on, with the proper intensity, when you get up at night, preventing accidents. The system takes care of your outdoor lighting automatically with the sunrise/sunset or a specific time you have determined.