( Icehouse game )


4 trees of pyramids ( 2 for each players )

4 stone-motion ( also called stone-bop) : 2 for each players
1 Boardgame

Goal of the game

Be the first to transfer pyramids to the other world.
The Green tree must take the place of the Blue tree
and the Red tree must take the place of the Yellow tree.
One player have the Red-Yellow trees and the other player have the Green-Blue trees.
The aspect of the trees must be the same at the end of the game (Small,medium,large).
If none of your pyramids can move, you lost.


Boardgame: empty and starting positions
The board is showing 2 worlds connected only by a continuum of energy ( the middle empty space )


All pyramids move in all directions in a straight line of 1, 2, or 3 squares .
The Stone-BOP ( boundary opener particle) move in all directions in a straight line.

Pyramid 1(small) move of 1 square, pyramid 2 (medium) of 2 squares, and pyramid 3 (large) of 3 squares.
No jumping allowed.
Only one pyramid or stone-bop per square.
The stone-bop never cross the continuuum.The stone-bop move only for the pyramids who are in the same world then him.
Any time in the game you can use the value of the pyramid or of the stone-bop to move a pyramid.

If you move a stone-bop, you must move one of your pyramid of the same
amount of squares then the stone-bop. Stone move first and the pyramid after it.
Stone-bop cannot move of more squares then the pyramid you want to move.
Your stone-bop cannot stop on the opponent base ( the starting squares at the corners).
Your pyramids cannot stop on the opponent base.

Transfer pyramid by the continuum

The continuum is the empty space between the 2 worlds.
The only way for a pyramid to cross the continuum is by using
the stone-bop. Pyramids cannot do it on their own ,they need the
space-time energy of the stone-bop.So, if you want to make a transfer,
you must move the stone-bop first and of the amount of squares required to get your
pyramid at the other side of the continuum.

After your turn, at any time in the game, you must have at least 2 pyramids
(of any color or size ) in both worlds.

A game in progress

All what can be made when a stone-bop move of one space

Game created and designed by Antoine Richard in 2010.