Car Mods for rFactor
brought to you by rFrancis ;)

Some screenshots HERE. (April 13th 2006)

Mod name: ProtoRacer Championship v1.1 (updated on april 26th 2006)
Project started: March 7th 2006
Released date: April 14th 2006
Type of cars: Mix of GT1-Prototype-other
Brand: Proton (1st car, fictional)
Number of cars: 20 Protons, 20 Car#2, 20 Car#3
Car body: Scratch built
Liveries: Scratch built
Cockpit: Scratch built
Wheels: Scratch built
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DOWNLOAD Proton PSD Template 1024 - 2048 | Basic Setups | SCREENSHOTS |

I really like that type of cars and we don't have any right now for rFactor. My plan is to have 3 different cars in ProtoRacer Championship, the other 2 being different versions (graphics and physics) of the first one. The cars will be released as they are ready, meaning the mod/series will only have one car (the Proton) to start with. It will give time for bug fixing (not that I plan to release it with bugs!) and make sure everything is perfect for the completion of the whole mod.

Some will say that the Proton is a duplicate of a certain car, others will say it is another car, and so on. But they are not and will never be, even if they look like them. Yes you can obviously see some influence and I think it's very normal, but it is not the exact same thing. I drew the car and did my own blueprints in Illustrator, so the Proton is a Proton :-). But yes, most of the cars have 4 wheels ;-).

Mod name: FWD Open
Released date: March 5th 2006
Type of cars: Front wheel drive
Brand: Civic 1990 (not stock, modified for racing)
Number of cars: 26
Number of teams: 13
Car body: scratch built
Liveries: scratch built and fictional
Cockpit: ISI's Rhez (level 3)
Wheels: ISI's ZR

I did this first project (Civic) to learn and to see what modding is all about. A month before its completion I had no idea how to model a car so, big thanks to Nunux for his great tutorial, to Nugit for answering many questions and everyone at WGTL for helping me to really get out of the wood! Special thanks to the beta-testers: Chris, Robert and Anton who all gave me GREAT feedback.

Keep in mind that this first mod is an experiment and is far from being perfect. If I see a demand for it, I will eventually build new wheels, a new cockpit and a more accurate body. I chose the Civic 1990 for my first project because I had one for many years and i really enjoyed driving it, and I thought that a not too quick front-wheel drive car would allow for nice close racing. :)

The naming of this mod (FWD Open) is meant to allow car additions in it with time. Maybe I will make the CRX and the Prelude I don't know yet. But if anyone with a front-wheel drive car mod would like to add it to the FWD Open series, just add "FWDOpen" (no spacing) in the Classes string of the veh files and your car(s) should appear under "Opponents" when starting a race. If you do, please tell me so I can keep a list in here of all the cars that are part of the FWD Open series.

A little note on setting up the Civic... Since it doesn't have any spoiler/wing kit to add downforce to it, the Civic may and probably will feel unstable at high speed turns like T1 of Toban or the big one at Essington. One way to add stability to the car, with the setting options in place, is to play with the ride height settings. Also, don't try to come up with even tire temperatures on all four wheels. This is a front-wheel drive car and the front wheels will always be much warmer than the rear wheels.