Most of these pieces are inspired by the life around me in Montreal. The humor and pathos of certain situations and events inspire me to create a work. Friends, family, neighbors, store owners and people on the street are a continual source for ideas. Working from photos, adding elements of imagination and fantasy, I celebrate the life and personality of these people in these one of a kind pieces.

In some pieces, my inspiration comes from works of Vincent Van Gogh. I find the quality of his painting very clay-like in texture.

Other pieces are inspired simply by the beauty of the human figure. In the Female Fountain, I celebrate 3 women enjoying the sensation of water gently falling on their bodies.

All of these pieces are constructed with red or white earthenware clay, with commercial underglazes, stains and glaze. On some of the pieces I have added oil paint to achieve the desired color and surface quality.

Claire Salzberg