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Crosscuts saws.

Our saws can be manufactured in any length from 5 to 6 6.  If you require something special, please contact us and let us know what that is. We will let you know if we can make it.

The type of saw we manufacture is a peg and raker and we make these in the 2, 3 or 4 peg variety.  When you contact us, we will explain the difference between these three saw styles and the advantages of each. Every saw we make is individually tested by at least one world class competitor and will be as fast as the saw we are using in world class competition before we ship it to you.

We are able to make saws to cut most wood types that are used in competition all around the world.  When you contact us, be sure to specify the type of wood you want the saw to cut.

Contact us if you have any question in regard to which saw to use in the kind of wood you are going to cut in competitions.


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