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     At Mercier Racing Saws, our saws are manufactured such that they can be re-filed several times. When you buy a saw from us, your saw will be good for a minimum of 10 years*. When you feel that your saw is not as fast as it used to be, send it back to us to be re-filed. We can guarantee that we will bring your saw back to its original speed as when you originally purchased it, if not faster.

As an active, world-class competitor, J-P. Mercier is always searching for a way to make a saw cut faster. For example, when he first won the world title in Hayward Wisconsin with Dennis Daun from Round Lake Illinois, their time was just over 7 seconds for 20 of white pine.  In 2005, he and Dave Jewett from Pittsford, New York, cut the same size in 4.90 sec. and Jason Wynyard and Dion Lane, from New Zealand, won it in 4.77 sec. This time of 4.77 seconds is also a new World Record and they were using a Mercier Saw!

At Mercier Racing Saws, we can also re-file saws from other manufacturers. If there is a way to make those saws faster, we will find it.


*That is for a normal utilisation of the saw.






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