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11/26 So that it's, Acclaim does not have any more the liscence to create WWF games. There are now making a game with the ECW Look here for info.

I think this is now the final update for this site. Thank you to all those which helped me and encouraged. Perhaps I will make someday an another wrestling site. Bye!

Creation sections updated.
11/19 Creation sections updated.
11/11 DreamCast version review at IGN
11/10 Creation sections updated.
11/04 DreamCast version review at
10/23 Poll section updated
10/19 I have received a great stable it KETSUMEIDAN: THE LEAGUE OF BLOOD
10/19 Creation sections updated.
10/14 THQ have not finished WM2000 and have already another WWF game project: SmackDown
10/12 You can now download WRESTLING MANAGER it's only 66K!!![Go here to download Wrestling Manager]
10/11 10 NEW QUIZ in the quiz section!!!!!!here
Little update of some pages + creation sections updated.
09/24 Acclaim's King of create-a-wrestler TournamentHERE
08/26 I made a little program where you are the booker. It's s complement to the WWF Attitude game that manage the career of all the wrestlers like if you was a booker. You can manage stables, feuds and give push. Download it and tell me what you think! It's 3.59 megs [Go here to download Career Manager]

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