Finishing and Trademark Moves:

Finishing moves only work when your opponent's health is in the red.
Trademark moves only work when opponenet's health is in the yellow or red.

Thanks to Anthony

Al Snow 
Trademark Double Underhook Headbutts(tu) - left, tie up
Finisher Snow Plow(ready) - left, up, punch

Billy Gunn
Trademark Ass Kisser(corner) - up, up, kick
Finisher Fame Asser(ready) - left, right, down, punch

Big Bossman
Trademark Sidewalk Slam(ready) - left, up, kick
Finisher Bossman Slam(opponent whipped) - kick

Trademark Powerbomb(tu) - up, down, kick
Finisher Fallaway Slam(ready) - left, down, tie up

Trademark Falling Reverse DDT(ready) - left, right, kick
Finisher The Impaler(ready) - up, down, up, tie up

Trademark Chyna Downstairs(tu behind) - left, kick
Finisher Pedigree(ready) - left, down, kick

D'Lo Brown
Trademark Sky High(ready) - up, down, kick
Finisher Lo' Down(turnbuckle) - block tie up

Dr. Death
Trademark Oklahoma Stampede(ready) - up, down, kick
Finisher Dr. Bomb(ready) - up, down, up, tie up

Trademark Double Underhook Suplex(ready) - left, down, tie up
Finisher New Jersey Naptime(tu) - left, right, punch

Trademark Dragon Suplex(tu behind) - left, down, punch
Finisher Downward Spiral(ready) - up, down, kick

Trademark Spinebuster(ready) - up, down, tie up
Finisher Dominator(ready) - left, right, down, tie up

Trademark FloatOver Vertical Suplex(ready) - left, tie up
Finisher Implant DDT(ready) - up, down, kick

The Godfather(hidden)
Trademark Ho Train(corner) - left, down, kick
Finisher Pimp Drop(ready) - left, right, down, punch

Trademark Shattered Dreams(corner) - left, right, punch
Finisher Curtain Call(tu behind) - left, up, tie up 

Trademark Reverse Brainbuster(tu behind) - up, down, tie up
Finisher Hanging Powerslam(tu) - up, down, tie up

"HBK" Shawn Micheals(hidden)
Trademark Hurricanranna(ready) - up, down, tie up
Finisher Sweet Chin Music(ready) - left, right, kick

Jerry "The King" Lawler(hidden)
Trademark Big Head Punch(ready) - left, right, kick
Finisher Piledriver(ready) - left, up, punch

Trademark Figure 4 Leglock(by feet) - left, right, up, kick
Finisher Kamikaze Headbutt(turnbuckle) - punch tie up

Jeff Jarret
Trademark Front Russian Legsweep(ready) - left, punch
Finisher Figure 4 Leglock(by feet) - left, right, down, kick

Trademark Chokeslam(tu) - left, right, punch
Finisher Tombstone Piledriver(ready) - up, up, down, tie up

Trademark One Handed Chokeslam(ready) - left, right, up, punch
Finisher Kurgan Shuffle(ready) - up, down, punch

Ken Shamrock
Trademark High Angle Suplex(ready) - left, up, tie up
Finisher Ankle Lock(feet)left, down, right, kick

Trademark Double Arm DDT(ready) - left, right, down, tie up
Finisher Mandible Claw(ready) - left, right, down, punch

Marc Mero(hidden)
Trademark Merosault(turnbuckle) - kick block
Finisher TKO(ready) - left, right, left, tie up

Mark Henry
Trademark Gorilla Press Slam(ready) - up, down, up, punch
Finisher Death from Above(opp down body)- left, right, up, tie up

Taka Michinoku
Trademark Swinging DDT(corner) - up, down, kick
Finisher Michinoku Driver(ready) - left, right, down, punch

Trademark Running Butt Bump(running,opp corner) - kick
Finisher Mosh Pit(turnbuckle) - kick punch

Paul Bearer(hidden)
Trademark Bearhug(ready) - left, right, punch
Finisher Buffet Buster(turnbuckle) - tie up block

Owen Hart
Trademark Enziguri(ready) - up, down, kick
Finisher Sharpshooter(at legs) - left, up, left, kick

Road Dogg "Jesse James"
Trademark Crazy Legs Kneedrop(opp down,body) - left, right, tie up
Finisher Stretch Armstrong(tu behind) - left, right, kick

The Rock
Trademark The Peoples Elbow(opp down, head) - up, down, punch
Trademark The Peoples Elbow(opp down, head, while running) - Tie-up
Finisher Rock Bottom(ready) - left, right, down, tie up

Trademark Sablecanranna(corner) - up, down, kick
Finisher Sablebomb(tu) - up, down, kick

Sgt. Slaughter(hidden)
Trademark Piledriver(tu) - up, down, punch
Finisher Cobra Clutch(tu behind) - left, tie up

Steve Blackman
Trademark Four Kick Combo(corner) - up, up, tie up
Finisher Pump Kick(ready) - left, down, tie up

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Trademark Vertical Body Press(running) - tie up
Finisher Stone Cold Stunner(ready) - up, down, up, tie up

Triple H
Trademark Knee to Face(ready) - left, down, kick
Finisher Pedrigree(ready) - up, down, down, tie up

The Undertaker
Trademark Chokeslam(tu) - up, down, punch
Finisher Tombstone Piledriver(ready) - up, down, up, tie up

Trademark Running Butt Bump(running, opp corner) - kick
Finisher Stage Dive(turnbuckle) - kick+punch

"Too Sexy" Brian Cristopher(hidden)
Trademark Front Russian Legsweep(tu behind) - left, punch
Finisher Tennesee Jam(turnbuckle) - tu+block

Val Venis
Trademark Fishermans Suplex(ready) - left, down, tie up
Finisher Money Shot(turnbuckle) - kick+punch

Trademark Bronco Buster(corner) - up, down, punch
Finisher X-Factor(ready) - up, down, tie