The game will be the same for N64 and PSX

Cool tradmark like Undertaker's top rope armbar, The people's elbow and Bronco Buster

The six people who come out with stuff are: Jeff Jarrett with a guitar, Road Dogg with a microphone, Paul Bearer with a urn, Gangrel with a cup, The king with a scepter, Al Snow with Head

Edge make his enterance through the crowds

Road Dogg come out singing "Oh you didn't know" and he will he his little speech once he is in the ring

There is now paint face in create-a-wrestler mode

There are 50 entrances and 65 entrance themes.

Road Dogg can do is crazy leg drop and dancing punches.

Women can compete with men

Blood stay on wrestlers face and on other parts of there body as well

You can write something on wrestlers clothes in create-a-wrestlers mode

There is long hair in create-a-wrestlers mode

Before the match, the wrestlers make a taunt.

Every wrestler will have four costumes

You can play with Head.

The "No Chance In Hell" music is in the game

Mankind's new music will be in Attitude

You can pick your own opponent in most of the modes.

You can select your moves in Create-A-Wrestler

Owen Hart is in the game but the Blue Blazard costume is not.

There will be three differents stadium: Raw, PPV and Houseshow



The Big Show, Midian, Viscera, Test, Shane, Vince, The Stooges, Scott Taylor, The Hardy Boyz and Hardcore Holly are not in Attiude.

Maximum of four wrestlers in a screen.

There is no ref in the ring

Like Warzone, the players will sometimes get up after getting a big hit.

You can't hit soemone with the steps near the ring.

There is no commentary table at ringside

The height of the wrestlers isn't adjustable.

The Rock will not take off his elbow pad when doing the People's Elbow.

No door is opened on the entrances to a cage match.

There is not a hell in the cell, casket, or ladder match in Attitude

The fights and the buttons combination are like in Warzone.

Apparently, there is no more jobbers.?

I think HHH and B.A. are with DX and Chyna with the Corporation


New features

  • Career mode including a full season from House shows to TV shows
  • Expanded Create-a-Wrestler with more options
  • Wrestler Entrances
  • Custom Move Sets-Select
  • Over 400 moves
  • Better graphics and mottion.
  • 2 man commentary featuring Shane McMahon and Jerry "The King" Lawler live at ringside.
  • New weapons including bedpan, baseball bat, shovel, TV monitor and more.
  • Multiple Camera Angles.
  • Select Arena Environment and Win Conditions.
  • Choose Your Own Opponents.

    Game modes

    Tag Team
    1 on 2
    1 on 3
    Tag Gauntlet
    Survivor Series
    Royal Rumble
    Battle Royal
    Stable match
    Triple Threat
    King of the Ring
    Career Mode
    Create-Your-Own-Pay-Per-View Mode
    Create-a-Wrestler Mode
    Tag Team Career Mode
    CO-OP Tag Team
    CO-OP Tornado
    CO-OP 2 on 1
    CO-OP 3 on 1
    CO-OP Tag Gauntlet
    CO-OP Survivor

    Match Options

    Hardcore Match
    Cage Match
    Last Man Standing
    Falls Count Anywhere

    Win Modifiers

    Iron Man Match.
    I Quit Match
    Finisher Only
    2 out of 3 falls
    First Blood


    1. Steve Austin
    2. Jeff Jarrett
    3. Bradshaw
    4. The Undertaker
    5. HHH
    6. Ken Shamrock
    7. X-Pac
    8. The Road Dogg
    9. "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn
    10. Goldust
    11. Val Venis
    12. Kane
    13. Mankind
    14. Mosh
    15. Thrasher
    16. Droz
    17. Steve Blackman
    18. Owen Hart
    19. D'Lo Brown
    20. The Rock
    21. Edge
    22. Godfather
    23. Too Sexy
    24. Dr. Death
    25. Christian
    26. Faarooq
    27. Gangrel
    28. Mark Henry
    29. Al Snow
    30. The Big Bossman

    Hidden wrestlers

  • Shawn Michaels
  • Jerry Lawler
  • Paul Bearer
  • Jacqueline
  • The Godfather
  • Chyna
  • Sable
  • Marc Mero
  • Head
  • Sgt. Slaughter
  • Kurgan
  • Taka Michinoku
  • Title Belts

    World Championship
    Intercontinental Championship
    European Championship
    Tag Team Championship