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GI Review - "In case you didn't know , my relationship with this game goes back quite a ways. Iv've been playing this game for months , writing about it for the magazine , and doing daily updates to the web site. I've easily played 
over 100 Attitude hours, and I'm not even closed to being bored. I'm still discovering new things, yet giving Austin the People's Elbow for the 
thousandth time is as thrilling as ever. 

It's Graphics cause Attitude to run noticeably slower than Warzone, but this creates an interesting effect. It allows veterans to select thier attacks more accurately, while still letting newcomers pull off some brutal moves by 
pressing everything. This ollision is also far from perfect. Regardless, Iguana has again set a new standard when all that was expected as a rehash. Acclaim's going to sell a billion of these, and deservedly so." 

Scores - Concept - 9/10 
Graphics - 8.75/10 
Sound 9.5/10 
Playability - 8.5/10 
Entertainment - 9.75/10